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Bitwage Partners With Casa, Edge Wallet For Streamlined Bitcoin Payroll Services

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Bitwage has partnered with two Bitcoin wallet providers to streamline its onboarding process.Casa and Edge Wallet helped Bitwage develop a UI to integrate each of the wallets onto its payroll platform.These partnerships will allow Bitwage to automate the process of onboarding businesses from start to finish.

Bitwage, a bitcoin payroll provider, is partnering with Bitcoin security company Casa and Edge Wallet to ease the process of onboarding businesses to a Bitcoin standard, according to a press release sent to Bitcoin Magazine.

In the release, Bitwage explains that through conversations with governments and businesses, one of the leading obstacles facing bitcoin as a payroll option is how to educate employees on Bitcoin. Bitwage used to ask its users to provide the address of the bitcoin wallet they wished to receive the payment to.

The company noted that the process of copying and pasting an address may come easy to those familiar with the ecosystem, but it can seem altogether intimidating for someone just entering the space.

“Finally users can eliminate the need to copy and paste addresses between apps and websites when needing to request crypto into their wallet,” said Paul Puey, CEO and co-founder of Edge Wallet.

The new partnership with Casa and Edge will allow users to select one of the two bitcoin wallets from the initial setup. This will allow Bitwage to guide its users from start to finish in a fully automated process.

“Education is a very important part of the Bitwage experience, and part of this experience is helping our users understand wallets while teaching them how to be their own bank,” said Jonathan Chester, CEO of Bitwage.

“Edge and Casa are two of the best and most secure wallets on the market,” he continued. “Our partnership with these wallets is just the beginning of our journey to educate millions of workers around the world about bitcoin, cryptocurrency and stablecoins and what it means to get paid in these currencies.”

The two wallet providers helped Bitwage through the development process and enabled a seamless integration for a better user experience. Large changes were made to the user interface and a QR code allows instant access to one’s wallet of choice.

“We’re excited about this seamless integration making it simpler and safer for Bitwage users to hold the keys to their bitcoin, which protects them against many of the custodial security risks we’ve seen highlighted in our industry this year,” said Christian Wallin, VP of product and design at Casa.

Source : BitcoinMagazine

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