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Can ChatGPT Actually Help Your Small Business?

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Can ChatGPT Actually Help Your Small Business?

ChatGPT has captured the imagination of its users with many grand claims about its capabilities.

The question is how much of it is hype and how much of it is real.

If you are a business looking to capitalize on the opportunities this technology provides, ChatGPT delivers on many fronts. This is especially the case for a small business or solopreneur with limited resources.

Learn How to Use the ChatGPT Prompt Effectively Below

Let’s learn something about ChatGPT and see how if it can advance your small business.

What is ChatGPT in the Plainest Terms Possible?

The short answer: ChatGPT is a language model developed by OpenAI to hold human-like conversations with users. Saying it is a smart chatbot doesn’t quite cover it.

The longer answer: ChatGPT is a variant of the GPT-3.5 language-generation software. The GPT in ChatGPT is Generative Pre-training Transformer, which is how it processes language. And this language comes from a powerful language model with 175 billion parameters. This allows ChatGPT to process billions of words in one second.

If you think that is a large number of parameters, GPT-4 is slated to have 100 trillion or more parameters and it is due to be released sometime in 2023.

Here is an infographic about how ChatGPT works.

image: OpenAI

These parameters were trained using reinforcement learning from human feedback (RLHF), and this is what makes it so human-like. It has the ability to carry a conversation while understanding the context and intent of the conversation. This means you can continue to elaborate on your query until you get the answer you want without having to introduce the original question each time.

For example:

And this applies to any query you have. It is essentially like talking to a person that has encyclopedic knowledge about every subject.

How Do You Use ChatGPT?

You get on the chat.openai website and register to create an account, this will include an email and phone number. After you confirm your account, you can start using ChatGPT by writing your queries in the prompt.

If you want to use ChatGPT effectively you need to learn how to communicate with the prompt (THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THE USER END OF THIS TOOL). This means phrasing your query in such a way it makes ChatGPT deliver the best answer.

Once you enter your prompt all you have to do is wait for the answer. However, because of the number of users, you might have to wait sometime or try again. This is a temporary issue OpenAI is dealing with until it scales its infrastructure.

Is ChatGPT Free?

Yes, the basic version is free to use, for now. There is also a new premium version called ChatGPT Professional that currently has a waiting list.  According to Greg Brockman, President and Co-Founder of OpenAI it will have higher limits and faster performance.

Source : SmallBizTrends

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