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Crypto & Web3 To Spike By 300x Predicts Raoul Pal! Here’s The Timeline

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The buzz around cryptocurrency and the possible gains it promises to the participants has drawn many groups into the web3 space. Decentralization, however, has far more uses than only business.

It’s time for marketers to cut through the hype and recognize Web3’s genuine and proven worth and also consider the opportunities it presents from an investment standpoint.

Venture Capital Investments In Crypto

In an interview, macro analyst Raoul Pal stated that the market value of cryptocurrencies and Web3 projects would rise at a rate never witnessed before since the crypto winter is nearing its end. 

Pal quoted a recent Google Tech Talks interview, according to which the market cap of cryptocurrencies, which is currently around $1 trillion, may reach $300 trillion in just ten years.

The analyst, while making his prediction, took into account both the current level of interest in crypto and Web3 and its potential for future development. According to him, the largest names in technology and finance are flocking to the crypto and Web3 markets, resulting in a surge of venture capital (VC) investment. When the current macroeconomic upheaval abates, he continues, the market cap will soar.

“The biggest names in Web2 are taking part. Everyone in the global economic system is in some way responsible. You can’t tell since they’re proceeding with caution due to regulatory concerns. Of course, this is where things are ultimately headed, and everyone knows it. For my part, I’ve never encountered anything quite like it. It’s similar to the Internet in some ways, but it moves far more quickly and covers a much wider area than the Internet does. This may sound absurd, but it’s true because the system accrues value to its own protocol layers.”

As a result, we are able to see a tremendous increase in market value. The conventional asset markets are worth between $200-$300 trillion. Hence, this goal might be achieved in about ten to fifteen years.

Should You Be Accumulating Crypto?

The cryptocurrency markets will experience the “fastest and greatest value accumulation the world has ever witnessed,” according to Pal.

Based on his findings, cryptocurrency might soon surpass oil in terms of value and importance. 

Over the next six to twelve months, the tale will accelerate exponentially due to the rapid growth of the cryptocurrency sector and the $60 billion in venture capital money that has poured in over the last 18 months.

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Source : Coinpedia

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