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Learn How to Build a Team and Foster Collaboration This November

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Building a team is often one of the most important elements of creating a successful business. There are many challenges that come with team building, especially in 2022. But it’s worth taking the extra steps to intentionally create a cohesive unit.

In fact, team building isn’t just about hiring new employees. Once you’ve onboarded new workers, it’s time to focus on making those team members successful. That often involves fostering collaboration, which these team building exercises may help with.

24 Team Building Games and Exercises

Over time, your team may get used to the same old games and exercises used at each of your events. So it may benefit them to try something new. Right now, escape games are all the rage for team building. Find out why in this post.

Sick and Tired of Doing the Same Old Team Building Exercises? Try an Escape Game Instead 

These days, not all teams actually work together face to face. However, even if you don’t have an in-person office, team building exercises can still help your employees cooperate and collaborate. Luckily, there are tons of team building options for virtual teams. Check out some top ideas in this post.

Virtual Team Events Ideas for Team Building 

Though organized exercises can be fun and helpful, simply spending time with your team outside the office can also be beneficial. That’s why so many businesses make use of the traditional company picnic. This post outlines how to plan a successful one for your team.

Planning a Successful Company Picnic

Alternatively, if you want to stay in your office or keep costs down, a potluck may be a better format for your team. This type of event often includes each team member bringing a dish to share, and can still be a useful team building event. But it still requires some careful planning and consideration. Learn how to make the most of this event here.

What is an Office Potluck?

Has your team had success with team building exercises or events? We’d love to share your story and tips with our small business readership. Fill out the form on this webpage to provide details about your business, including the most important team building lessons you’ve learned through the years.

We’re also looking to feature businesses that offer team building exercises, events, services, or apps. If your company could help other small businesses create a team and foster successful collaboration, share your story with us here for consideration.

There are also advertising opportunities for companies that want to share their team building tools or strategies with our small business readership. Read more about the available options here. Then reach out to our team to discuss.

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