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Market Your Business With These National Days In March 2023

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Market Your Business With These National Days In March 2023

There are daily holidays that may be relevant to small businesses throughout almost the entire month of March. If you want to make your company stand out, here’s a guide to many popular national days in March.

What Special Days are in March?

You can see a full list of March daily holidays below. Some of the top days to celebrate in March include St. Patrick’s Day, National Puppy Day, National Pancake Day, and Read Across America Day.

Why Should You Market Your Business In March?

Businesses should generally market offerings throughout the entire year. However, here are some specific reasons why March is a great time for various promotions:

Tie offerings into a new season: March includes the first day of spring, which is seen as a new beginning for many. This may make certain products and services, like outdoor furniture or gardening, more relevant.Take advantage of increased foot traffic: in the Northern hemisphere, March is when it starts warming up enough for people to spend more time in busy downtown areas.Speed up the slow season: March is still part of winter, which is slow for many businesses. Interesting campaigns can give you something to focus on.Create special events or promotions: It can also be the perfect time to host unique events for holidays like St. Patrick’s Day.Use March national days in your marketing: See the full list below to create campaigns around specific observances.

Celebrate These March National Days

As you fill out your marketing plan for March, consider adding promotions, events, or posts that tie into various celebrations, like those featured on this March calendar.

Mar. 1 – National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day

Restaurants, bakeries, food bloggers, and markets can call attention to this much-loved ingredient with special promotions, recipes, or displays.

Mar. 2 – National Read Across America Day

In celebration of Dr. Seuss’s birthday, bookstores and tutoring centers can host events or reading programs.

Mar. 3 – National Employee Appreciation Day

Make sure your team knows how much you value their contributions with gifts or a special message.

Mar. 4 – National Sons Day

Retail stores and experience-based businesses may launch promotions to encourage gift-giving or spending time with sons.

Mar. 5 – National Frozen Food Day

Grocery stores can launch promotions to highlight various frozen options. Or food influencers could use frozen ingredients in new recipes.

Mar. 6 – National Dentist’s Day

Dental practices can use this holiday to encourage engagement and patient loyalty by sharing more about their dentists.

Mar. 9 – International Women’s Day

All kinds of brands can call attention to the contributions of women and share how they’re supporting women in the workplace and beyond.

Mar. 10 – World Kidney Day

Health-related companies may share tips, while other brands could use this as an opportunity to highlight philanthropic efforts.

Mar. 12 – Daylight Savings

Remind followers on social media to change their clocks, or use them to highlight changing seasons.

Mar. 12 – Genealogy Day

Genealogy companies and tools that can be used for researching family history may benefit from this holiday.

Mar. 14 – National Children’s Craft Day

Kids’ brands can share craft projects online or offer specials on various materials.

Mar. 14 – Pi Day

In recognition of pi, the number 3.14, this holiday can be relevant to math tutoring brands, pie shops, or any company that sells circular products (since pi refers to the ratio of a circle’s circumference to diameter).

Mar. 17 – St. Patrick’s Day

Shops can create special displays with green products. And restaurants and bars often host special events.

Mar. 19 – National Corn Dog Day

Grocery stores, food trucks, and vendors can all host specials on this day.

Mar. 21 – National California Strawberry Day

Growers, farmer’s markets, and farm-to-table vendors can share education about California strawberries.

Mar. 23 – National Puppy Day

Pet brands can encourage social media engagement, host adoption events, and offer specials for new puppy owners.

March. 25 – National Tolkien Reading Day

Bookstores can create special displays or host events to celebrate this author’s works.

Mar. 27 – National Spanish Paella Day

Restaurants and food bloggers may include specials or post unique recipes to share this popular food.

Mar. 28 – World Piano Day

Music stores and instructors could encourage more people to sign up for lessons or purchase equipment.

Mar. 29 – National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day

Small businesses of all types may use this opportunity to share a bit about their background.

Mar. 30 – National Doctor’s Day

Medical practices can share fun facts about their doctors, or even encourage gifts from other staff members.

March. 31 – National Prom Day

Dress and accessory shops may host try-on events or call attention to new inventory.

March National Weeks You Don’t Want To Miss

There are also several March weekly holidays that are observed for longer periods. Check out the full list below.

National Introverts Week

Celebrated the third full week of March, National Introverts Week aims to destigmatize introversion through education.

Telecommuter Appreciation Week

Share gifts or thank you messages with telecommuting employees during the week of March 3.

Read an eBook Week

Authors or booksellers may highlight their favorite titles during the first full week of March.

Fix a Leak Week

Plumbers can share the importance of their services from March 20 through 26.

National Physicians Week

Medical clinics get a whole week to share an appreciation for their physicians.

National Cleaning Week

Cleaning crews can highlight the importance of their services.

Don’t Forget These March Monthly Holidays

For longer marketing campaigns, there are also several monthly observances that you can tie in throughout all of March. Here are some options to consider.

Women’s History Month

It’s the month for sharing more about the contributions of women, especially in fields related to your business.

Irish American Heritage Month

Share Irish American historical facts and celebrations through all of March.

National Craft Month

Stores may offer craft tutorials or specials on various materials.

National Nutrition Month

Nutritionists and food brands can use this month to share tips and healthy recipes.

National Credit Education Month

Financial companies can share tips and resources to help consumers improve their credit scores.

What Is The Month Of March Known For?

March includes the start of Daylight Savings Time and the first day of spring. So it is often known as the beginning of a new season.

What Should A Small Business Post On Social Media In March?

There are plenty of March national days to post about on social media, including St. Patrick’s Day and Read Across America Day. See the full list below. It’s also the perfect time to create content surrounding spring.

Monthly Holidays in MarchWomen’s History MonthNational Athletic Training MonthIrish American Heritage MonthNational Craft MonthNational Nutrition MonthNational Credit Education MonthAsset Management Awareness MonthNational Brain Injury Awareness MonthEndometriosis Awareness MonthMultiple Sclerosis Awareness MonthNational Sauce MonthNational Weeks in MarchDateHolidayFebruary 27 – March 5Telecommuter Appreciation WeekMarch 1 – 7National Invest in Veterans WeekMarch 4 – 7International Women’s WeekMarch 5 – 11Read an eBook WeekMarch 5 – 11Dental Assistant Recognition WeekMarch 12 – 18National Glaucoma WeekMarch 13 – 19Fix a Leak WeekMarch 21 – 27National Agriculture WeekMarch 25 – 31National Physicians WeekMarch 26 – April 1National Cleaning WeekNational Days in MarchDateHolidayMar. 1World Music Therapy DayMar. 1National Peanut Butter Lover’s DayMar. 2Read Across America DayMar. 3National Employee Benefits DayMar. 3National Employee Appreciation DayMar. 3National Day of UnpluggingMar. 3National Mulled Wine DayMar. 4National Sons DayMar. 4National Play Outside DayMar. 5National Absinthe DayMar. 6National Frozen Food DayMar. 6National Dress DayMar. 6National Dentist’s DayMar. 7National Cereal DayMar. 7National Flapjack DayMar. 8International Women’s DayMar. 8National Registered Dietitian Nutritionist DayMar. 8National Proofreading DayMar. 9National Meatball DayMar. 9National Barbie DayMar. 10National Pack Your Lunch DayMar. 11World Plumbing DayMar. 12National Working Moms DayMar. 12Daylight Savings TimeMar. 12Plant a Flower DayMar. 13National Jewel DayMar. 14Pi DayMar. 14National Children’s Craft DayMar. 14National Potato Chip DayMar. 14Internation Day of MathematicsMar. 15National Equal Pay DayMar. 16National Curl Crush DayMar. 16Absolutely Incredible Kids DayMar. 17St. Patrick’s DayMar. 17National Corned Beef and Cabbage DayMar. 18Global Recycling DayMar. 18National Quilting DayMar. 18National Corn Dog DayMar. 18National Biodiesel DayMar. 18National Sloppy Joe DayMar. 19International Clients DayMar. 19National Backyard DayMar. 19National Certified Nurses DayMar. 19National Poultry DayMar. 19International Read to Me DayMar. 20First Day of SpringMar. 20World Oral Health DayMar. 20National Ravioli DayMar. 20World Storytelling DayMar. 21National Single Parent DayMar. 21National Fragrance DayMar. 21World Poetry DayMar. 21International Colour DayMar. 22National Goof Off DayMar. 23National Puppy DayMar. 23National Chip and Dip DayMar. 23National Tamale DayMar. 24National Cocktail DayMar. 24National Cheesesteak DayMar. 25Tolkien Reading DayMar. 26National Spinach DayMar. 26Epilepsy Awareness DayMar. 27International Whisk(e)y DayMar. 28World Piano DayMar. 29National Mom and Pop Business Owners DayMar. 30National Doctors DayMar. 30National Virtual Vacation DayMar. 31International Transgender Day of VisibilityMar. 31World Backup DayMar. 31National Tater DayHow Can You Promote Your Business In March Holidays?

First, check out the full list of March holidays above to find relevant holidays. Then create social media posts, email newsletters, or sales and promotions surrounding each holiday. While you are at make sure to also take a look at the National Day Calendar and Market Your Business With these National Days in January 2023 for more marketing opportunities.

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