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Meta is getting into the VR gaming subscription business

by News7

Meta announced on Monday (June 26) that it is launching a subscription service called Meta Quest+ for its VR headsets.

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Priced at $7.99, the service gives subscribers access to two “hand-picked VR titles” every month, an arguable plus (but you don’t get to select the games, an arguable minus). The subscription is available to Quest 2 and Quest Pro users, and will also be available on the Quest 3, which is set for release later this year.

“With a combination of VR’s biggest hits, hidden gems, and back-catalog classics, this is the most affordable way to grow your library with killer content,” Meta boasted in a blog post. The games, however, will no longer be available if a user cancels their subscription.

Upcoming titles available on Meta Quest+

The games Pistol Whip and Pixel Ripped 1995 will be available to subscribers in July. Walkabout Mini Golf and MOTHERGUNSHIP: FORGE will be released to users in August.

A faceoff between the Quest and Vision Pro headsets

Zuckerberg is likely trying to sweeten the deal when it comes to investing in a Quest headset, especially given Apple’s recent debut of its self-proclaimed “magical” Vision Pro.

Following the Vision Pro’s grand introduction earlier this month, the Meta CEO convened an internal town hall where he assured employees that the company’s metaverse plans are alive and well.

With Apple’s eye-wateringly expensive headset hitting shelves in 2024, Meta appears to be staking out its territory, and sales model, in the VR market. The PlayStation Plus already has a similar subscription service for $9.99 per month, and offers free games to users at the beginning of each month.

Virtual reality meets the rental economy

Whether in reality or virtual reality, it seems more and more consumers are being asked to rent access to products and services.

Subscriptions have proven an increasingly popular strategy for tech platforms. Companies have used the strategy to offer seemingly cheaper access to entertainment products while also gaining a continuous source of cash flow—and consumer data—from cash-strapped consumers.

Meta, which has initiated several rounds of mass layoffs in recent months amid a drop in revenue, is no exception. In February, the company followed the way of Twitter and introduced a $11.99 per month subscription to get a blue tick on Facebook and Instagram.

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Source : Quartz

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