Home Entertainment Diddy Says Yung Miami’s ‘Go Papi’ Sign Was One Of The “Sweetest” Gestures He’s Received

Diddy Says Yung Miami’s ‘Go Papi’ Sign Was One Of The “Sweetest” Gestures He’s Received

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Diddy is feeling Yung Miami’s love! And he’s here for it. Days after culture’s biggest night, better known as the BET Awards, Diddy took to social media to thank Miami for a viral show moment. The entertainment industry mogul appeared touched by Yung Miami’s supportive ‘Go Papi’ sign at the show. Despite using stage time to thank exes like Cassie, Diddy made sure to give Miami her flowers on Thursday via social media.

“This is one of the sweetest things anyone’s ever done for me,” Diddy wrote with a repost of Miami holding the sign in a photo. “Thank you shawty wop! @yingmiami”

Yung Miami Blasts User Who Slammed Her Support For Diddy 

But not everyone was feeling Miami fangirling over the producer. Following the show, the rapper tweeted photos of her all-red ensemble with the caption “a face, a body.” A user replied in all caps, “clown too.”

“I love a circus h*e mind yo business,” Yung Miami clapped back.

At the BET afterparty, Diddy and Yung Miami executed a basic tradition of a couple: wearing matching outfits. The pair danced their energy out with matching black shirts that read “Free Bop” on the front in bold, red letters. One of Miami’s besties and hottest rising stars, Saucy Santana, was filming the vibes.

Diddy And Yung Miami Confirm A Romantic-ish Relationship 

You’ll recall Miami and Diddy confirmed their lil’ thang thang during the debut episode of Miami’s podcast Caresha Please. The two set social media on fire when they spoke about a romance that’d been rumored for almost a year without sightings of intimate moments.

During the podcast episode, Caresha straight up asked Diddy about his relationship status. He responded, “I’m single, but I’m dating.” Yung Miami pushed further asking, “so what we is.”

“We date. We’re dating. We go on dates, we’re friends,” Diddy said. He added, “We got to exotic locations, we have great times. We go to strip clubs.”

Later in the interview, Miami added some definitiveness, kinda, to her relationship with Brother Love. Her response, in true Caresha fashion, inspired another innanet saying: “real bad.”

“You singe, but we go together,” Yung Miami told Diddy. “So how would you feel if I be telling people that I’m single cause we go together?”

Though they both laughed at her question, Miami made it clear she was dead serious. Diddy repeated the statement as a question, saying “we go together now?” Yung Miami sealed her initial answer with “real bad.” The mogul didn’t fight the answer instead he said, “whatever you say.”

Well, it looks like Diddy and Caresha ain’t worried about the nay-sayers and living their best, single-together real bad lives!

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