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Here’s How Right-Wing Media Are Punting on January 6th News

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A class-action lawsuit seeks to bar religious schools from collecting federals funds if they discriminate against LGBTQ students05:59

Biden says recession is “not inevitable,” a majority of Americans disagree09:44

Former VP Mike Pence faced a pressure campaign from Trump09:09

Former Philadelphia City Commissioner on Trump’s false claims of 8,000 dead voters casting ballots in 202006:32

How can radicalized Americans be held to account?06:14

The death of a January 6th rioter and what it can teach us about radicalization13:58

Ginni Thomas is once again the main character of American politics10:12

Thousands protest for gun reform as Congress considers action09:04

Laurence Tribe: “This was nothing like Watergate, this was Seditiongate.”06:56

Rep. Ilhan Omar calls out Fox News over role in insurrection: “I would consider them accomplices.”08:14

Rep. Mike Quigley (D-IL) on the riveting first day of public hearings of the Jan. 6th Committee05:24

January 6th hearing highlights the GOP’s attacks on democracy06:25

Jan. 6 Cmte. lays out Trump’s 7-step plan to overthrow the election04:15

What We Learned from the First January 6th Hearing15:41

New Evidence Details Trump’s Refusal to Act During 1/6 Attack10:48

On January 6, Right-Wing Media Is Living In Another Universe10:15

Political Super PACs already spending millions on primary races05:43

Congressman who called for the NRA to be disbanded discusses gun reform and whether it can withstand Sen. Mitch McConnell’s obstruction06:44

MSNBC’s Ayman Mohyeldin breaks down Sen. Mitch McConnell’s long history of blocking gun reform02:40

Blue states won’t wait for Washington to get its act together on gun control09:09

Source : MSNBC

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