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Special Delivery: Heart-Heavy Health Policy Valentines

by admin

(Eric Harkleroad/KHN illustration; Getty Images; Unsplash)

This year’s health policy valentine submissions were full of compassion for patients and concern over the nation’s health care system.

KHN’s readers and tweeters are among the most creative news consumers, sending in poetic valentines about physician assistants, the looming Medicaid unwinding, the Affordable Care Act, the upcoming end to the covid-19 public health emergency, and more.

Here are some favorites, featuring one lucky grand prize winner whose entry was turned into a cartoon by staff illustrator Oona Tempest.

(Oona Tempest / KHN)


I scheduled a doctor to check out my heart.
But things went awry from the start.
The PA stepped in …
Did all the diagnosin’
And the doc signed off on my chart.

– Arthurine Rice







February 14, 2023

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Source : Kaiser Health News

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