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Study Finds Multidisciplinary Pediatric AD Clinic Beneficial

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A clinic aimed at managing patients with difficult-to-control atopic dermatitis (AD) by involving assessments from a team of clinicians from different disciplines led to significant improvements in severity of the disease, results from a single-center study showed.

“A significant challenge in caring for patients with atopic dermatitis is lack of collaboration between healthcare providers, leading to disjointed care, inconsistent treatment plans, and conflicting dialogue with patients,” first author Alexis Tracy, MD, a combined allergy and dermatology research fellow at Rady Children’s Hospital, San Diego, and colleagues wrote in the study, which was published online on January 14, 2024, in Pediatric Dermatology.

Launched in 2019, the clinic, which is called the Multidisciplinary Atopic Dermatitis Program (MADP), is a collaborative effort between with Rady Children’s Hospital and the University of California San Diego Health Division of Dermatology, Division of Allergy & Immunology, and the hospital’s clinical pharmacy. Patients referred to the MADP undergo a concurrent, comprehensive evaluation by a dermatologist, allergist, clinical pharmacist, and others who help to assess AD severity, provide family education about the disease, and form a care plan using the model of shared decision-making. Visits take about 2 hours, and the frequency of follow-up visits varies.

Core members of the Rady/UCSD Multidisciplinary Atopic Dermatitis Program are, from left, Dr Lawrence Eichenfield (dermatology), Lauren Loop (research coordinator), Alyssa Wu (clinical pharmacist), Dr Bob Geng (allergy), Katie Smiley (physician assistant and clinic cooordinator), and Dr Mira Choi (visiting scholar).In the dermatology realm, tools used to compare the extent and severity of AD between visits include the Eczema Area and Severity Index (EASI), Patient-Oriented Eczema Measure (POEM), the Children’s Dermatology Life Quality Index (CDLQI), Validated Investigator Global Assessment (vIGA), Body Surface Area (BSA), and the Numerical Rating Scale. To investigate the MADP’s success to date, Dr Tracy and colleagues evaluated 44 patients with a history of moderate to severe, persistent AD who were referred to the clinic between April 3, 2019, and October 22, 2022, and had between one and three follow-up visits. The patients ranged from age 4 months to 18 years (mean, 7.74 years).

Compared with baseline, EASI scores of patients decreased significantly, with an average mean improvement of 9.61 by the second visit, 15.12 by the third visit, and 17.42 by the fourth visit (P <.001 a="" abbvie="" abeona="" achieved="" acknowledged="" ad="" added.="" adolescent="" advanced="" adviser="" aides="" all="" allergies="" allergist="" allergy="" also="" amgen="" an="" and="" appeared="" appreciate="" appreciated="" arcutis="" are="" area="" article="" as="" aslan="" assessment="" assessments="" associated="" at="" atopic="" austin="" authors="" authors.="" average="" baseline.="" be="" become="" being="" better="" beyond="" bio="" biosciences="" bob="" body="" both="" broad="" bsa="" by="" california="" care="" care.="" careasked="" caring="" cases="" castle="" cdlqi="" certain="" characterized="" chief="" children="" clinic="" clinic.="" clinical="" clinicians="" codirector="" codirects="" come="" comment="" company="" components="" conditions="" consistency="" consistent="" consultant="" control="" course="" creek="" data="" date="" decision-making.="" decrease="" decreased="" decreases="" demonstrated="" dermatitis="" dermatologics="" dermatologist="" dermatology="" dermavant="" diego="" difference="" differences="" difficult="" disclosed="" disclosures.="" discuss="" discussed="" discussing="" disease="" do="" dr="" dusa="" each="" easi="" education="" eichenfield="" eli="" eli-lilly="" engagement="" environmental="" especially="" even="" everyone="" experience="" explaining="" extent="" families="" family="" financial="" findings="" food="" for="" fort="" from="" galderma="" geng="" genzyme.="" given="" great="" greatest="" group="" have="" having="" he="" health="" health.="" help="" helps="" highlight="" holistic="" hospital="" how="" i="" if="" impact="" important="" importantly="" impressive="" improved="" improvement="" in="" including="" increase="" increased="" incyte="" internal="" intervention.="" interventions="" interview="" interview.="" investigator="" involved="" is="" issues="" it="" itch="" janssen="" janssen.="" key="" known="" krystal="" l.="" lack="" largest="" lawrence="" learned="" leo="" leo.="" levy="" like="" likely="" lilly="" limitations="" loves="" madp="" make="" many="" md="" mdedge.com="" mean="" meanwhile="" measures="" medical="" medicine="" medscape="" mental="" messaging="" might="" model="" moderate="" moise="" more="" much="" narrow="" network.="" news="" niches="" no="" not="" noted="" novan="" novartis="" objective="" observed="" of="" on="" organization.="" originally="" ortho="" other="" our="" outcomes="" outlined="" over="" p=".009)," part="" patient="" patient-reported="" patients="" pediatric="" pediatrics="" personnel="" pfizer="" pharma="" pharmaceuticals="" physician-assessed="" poem="" points="" prior="" problems="" professional="" professor="" program.="" progressively="" provided="" providers="" pruritus="" rady="" rapid="" real="" regeneron="" regimens="" regularly="" relate="" remember="" reported="" represent="" represents="" respectively.="" results="" said="" said.="" san="" sanofi="" sanofi-genzyme="" satisfaction="" saw="" scientific="" score="" scores="" second="" see="" seen="" serve="" serves="" set="" seventh="" severity="" shared="" show="" showing="" similarly="" simple="" single-specialty="" sixth="" skin="" sleep="" spectrum="" study="" study.="" successful="" such="" support="" surface="" systemic="" take="" takeaway="" takeaways="" taking="" tend="" texas="" that="" the="" their="" therapies="" these="" they="" this="" three="" ties="" time="" time.="" to="" told="" topical="" treatments="" tremendous="" trial="" trialspark="" triggers="" ucb.="" understanding="" university="" us="" use="" useful="" utility="" variation="" varied="" very="" viga="" visit="" visits.="" visual="" was="" we="" well="" well-known="" which="" while="" who="" with="">
Source : Medscape

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