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The Best Health and Wellness Products to Try in July 2023

by News7

There are few things more satisfying than finding a great wellness product: something that actually works as advertised, solves a relatively minor but very annoying problem, genuinely motivates you to take care of yourself, and is a delight to use. That’s why we’ve started regularly sharing our recommendations for the best stuff. These are the items we’re truly excited about—like, can’t stop gushing about to anyone who will listen—and really believe are worth the money.

This month, we have a bunch of great picks for you, including a delicious iced tea; a pillow that’ll keep you from getting a stiff neck on your summer travels; and a stick-on heat patch that will help soothe your period cramps. We hope you’ll get as much use (and delight!) out of these items as we have.

(Note: This list includes a mix of samples that brands sent to us gratis for testing purposes as well as stuff we purchased, but everything listed is only here because we actually really like it.)

All products featured on SELF are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.


CORA The Simply Soothing Heat PatchI’ve always liked the *idea* of electric heating pads (my mom’s old-ass corded one soothed my period cramps the few times I used it), but in practice, I found them tedious and cumbersome. So when I got a sample of these one-time-use, self-adhesive heat relief patches a few years ago, I was skeptical but hopeful, and I can honestly say they’ve changed my uterus’s life in the time since! You just stick them on the outside of your underwear and they deliver consistent, long-lasting heat. (The brand says they last for about eight hours, but I’ve slapped one on at 7 p.m. and it was still doing its thing at 7 the next morning.) They get nice and warm but not too hot, and while apparently “activated charcoal” is responsible for this witchcraft, I’d like to think it’s the dark arts at play. Either way, I’m a believer. —Cathryne Keller, associate wellness director


Lululemon Restfeel SlideThere’s nothing quite like slipping off your sneakers after a long run. But when your feet are still feeling all of that pounding, they’ll need some TLC. Following my fall, winter, or even spring runs, I’d slip them into my trusty Ugg slippers as I stretched, walked around, and otherwise relaxed around the house. But after sweaty summer ones, all that lining can feel a little bit swampy. So when Lululemon sent me a sample of their new recovery slides, I was stoked: I wanted a shoe that provided some cushion and support but still allowed my feet to breathe. These more than delivered, soothing my sore feet while allowing them to cool down. I originally thought I’d wear them only post-workout, but after I slipped them on once for an errand, they quickly became my go-to summer shoe. I also love the cool green color—I wear it with absolutely everything. —Christa Sgobba, fitness and food director

Source : Self.com

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