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Woolworths-owned HealthyLife launches telehealth service with Global Health

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Supermarket giant Woolworths’ health and wellness subsidiary HealthyLife has started offering same-day telehealth services.

It has tapped a third-party virtual platform provider, ASX-listed Global Health, to help connect patients with GPs, dietitians, and nutritionists who can provide health consultations, medical certificates, e-scripts and referrals. 


According to HealthyLife, there has been a growing demand for healthcare advice for weight management, gut health conditions and chronic pain. However, this may seem inaccessible for some given that only 6% of Australian adults are consulting with specialists on natural or alternative medicine, a recent study revealed. 

“That’s why we are providing virtual and cost-effective consultations with dietitians and nutritionists whose services are not always as accessible, particularly for those living in rural areas or facing budget pressures,” said Sarah Gray, HealthyLife general manager for Health & Nutrition.

The Gut Health Dietitian, a team of dietitians offering virtual consultations, have also been engaged for the new HealthyLife service. 

“Our practitioners can provide practical advice and guidance on health conditions like gut issues, food intolerances, medical conditions, weight management and general healthy eating, helping all Australians live a healthy life,” said founder and director Nicole Dynan. 


Woolworths continue to foray into the digital health and wellness space with its introduction of telehealth services amid the worsening GP shortage and increasing GP gap fee payments in Australia. It launched HealthyLife in 2021 with the aim of providing verified health content and selling nutrition and wellness products. 

Late last year, it extended its partnership with SuperPharmacy by acquiring key technology and warehouse assets, which were taken under the HealthyLife Pharmacy brand. SuperPharmacy is now also playing a role in HealthlyLife’s latest telehealth service by fulfilling prescriptions and delivering medicines door-to-door.

Source : Healthcare IT News

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