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14 Famous Men Who Stood Up For Their Women Costars

by Mikael Harris

Dominik Bindl / Getty Images / Dia Dipasupil / Getty Images for ABA / BuzzFeed / Via Getty

Even huge stars like Amanda Seyfried aren’t always paid equally to their male counterparts, and legends like Halle Berry are creating their own opportunities for better representation of women in film.

In 2019, the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media found that “for every two speaking male characters, there’s one female speaking character, and that there’s an appalling amount of hypersexualization of female characters, even in G-rated movies, and the female characters are very often narrowly stereotyped, hypersexualized or not really integral to the plot.”

Additionally, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee found that “if you look at the raw gap between what men and women are paid in Hollywood at that ‘superstar’ level, it’s an over $2.4 million difference.” Taking factors such as the amount of time spent filming, stunt work, and level of experience into account, they still found that the wage gap was about $1 million.

Source : Up News

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