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Deep Mink the First News Aggregator for Gen Z Celebrates Launch

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The American news media tends to be old and slow. Deep Mink is changing that with a smart, relevant, and fast news site aimed at millenials.

It’s no secret that the focus of big media is almost entirely on the old on one hand, and more-or-less partisan ideas on the other. This has left Generation Z wondering where they can stay informed and entertained with a tone and topics that engage and interest them most. The hunt is over. In exciting news, Deep Mink, a new news media and aggregator website, recently announced its launch. The first of its kind Deep Mink proudly aims at millenials, bringing a humanist twist to important national and world news, while being sure to not skip important Generation Z topics like art, fashion, gaming, entertainment, etc. All presented it in a snappy Drudge-like style, with witty commentary, and a humanist context. The early response to Deep Mink has been passionate.

“We saw a great need for this kind of approach to news in America,” commented a spokesperson from Deep Mink. “After our founder spent time in Denmark and got to see how happy most people are, and the way they approach debate and their lifestyles, it gave us something to model that our readers are really enjoying.”

According to Deep Mink, they have crossed the one million view milestone in just 29 days, which is an amazing accomplishment. This number just continues to rise as more people become aware of the news aggregator and make it their own choice to find honest reports selected by a team that shares their perspective.

Expect the excitement surrounding Deep Mink just continue to grow.

For more information, visit https://deepmink.com and follow Deep Mink on Twitter.

About Deep Mink

Hot news for Generation Z and Millenials.

Source : PRUnderground

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