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Dog Who Needs to Be ‘Factory Reset’ Has Internet in Stitches

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One pet owner has left the internet in stitches after asking how to “factory reset” his dog.

Posting on the Reddit forum r/AnimalsBeingDerps, Ryan from St. Petersburg, Florida shared a video of 2-year-old retriever mix Finnley.

With more than 9,000 upvotes and over 180 comments, the video of Finnley on the couch trying to bite his own back legs has delighted dog lovers. Alongside the video, his owner Ryan wrote: “How do I factory reset my dog?”

Photos of Finnley doing his acrobatics on the sofa. The retriever cross has delighted the internet with his “goofball” antics on Reddit.
“He does this all the time,” Ryan told Newsweek. “I have no idea why, but it’s adorable.”

But just what is Finnley doing in the hilarious footage? Dr. Katie Friel-Russell, veterinary behaviorist at Positive Pet Training, told Newsweek: “The dog is rolling over exploring and playing with his own tail and back legs on a sofa.

“The dog has loose, relaxed body language, showing a positive emotional state and that likely the drive for this behavior is the seeking system,” Friel-Russell added. “This releases dopamine and is based in curiosity and exploration. Basically, the dog is doing it for fun, and it is a self-rewarding behavior as it feels good and makes her happy.”

In the comments on Reddit, dog lovers shared their reactions and delight.

“No resetting that, fortunately adorable as is,” posted one commenter, while another wrote: “It’s a feature not a bug!”

Another user wrote: “That is some quality A+ grade derping right there.”

“Works as designed,” read another reply. “For product enhancements please email the manufacturer.”

Finnley is not the only dog to delight the internet with hilarious antics. In December, a Labrador entertained viewers on TikTok after getting confused by his own paw.

Earlier this March, another feisty animal duo left internet users in stitches when they were captured asking their owner for dinner.

“These kind of behaviors often present at times of high emotional arousal. For example, when dogs are wound up from positive and/or negative interactions,” said Friel-Russell. “[They’re] similar to ‘zoomies’ lots of people might see after an intense interaction such as visitors coming into the home or getting back from a walk.”

“He’s dumb but he has the spirit,” joked another Redditor after seeing the video.

Another user wrote: “He’s living the dream. Enjoy derpy dog.”

Ryan was delighted that the video of Finnley brought so much joy online. He said: “My dog is a goofball, and I want the world to see his craziness, so they can laugh, too.”

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Source : Newsweek

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