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Father of Bride Slammed for Threatening to Leave Wedding Over Guest List

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A dad has been slammed for threatening to leave his daughter’s wedding before she walked down the aisle.

The happiest day of your life can be a stressful time for all, but one dad has been told he was in the wrong for his reaction to tension at his daughter’s wedding.

On Monday on Reddit’s r/AmITheA**hole forum, the user u/Throwawayunction-93 explained: “My daughter’s wedding was yesterday. She moved back to our home state of Utah with her fiance after living in Boston for college and dental school. She does not seem happy to be back here and said that she only moved back because her husband’s company transferred him here.”

The dad explained how many of their relatives have big families, and when his daughter started planning her wedding with a rule that banned kids under the age of 4, he was concerned.

A stock image of a bride and her father walking up a set of steps on her wedding day. The internet has slammed a dad after he threatened to leave his daughter’s wedding over her child-free guest policy.
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“That caused a lot of ire,” he explained: “We got phone calls asking why. My daughter’s rationale was that she thought older kids would enjoy a party more.”

Editor of Hitched.co.uk, Zoe Burke, told Newsweek: “Child-free weddings are very common. It’s not unusual at all for couples to decide to omit kids from their weddings, usually in the form of a no-kids message in their wedding invitations. This gives guests plenty of time to source child care, or the option to decline if they don’t wish to attend without their children.

“Children create a different vibe at weddings—some people love that, others prefer it to be a more grown-up occasion, and ultimately, the person footing the bill gets to decide.”

With his younger daughter already married, the dad said she had begged her sister to allow her to invite her husband’s brother and his wife to the wedding too. When she caved and invited the couple, issues ensued.

Despite RSVPing indicating they would only be bringing their 8-year-old daughter, when they arrived they had all five of their children in tow.

“My daughter is angry when she hears of this and their explanation is that their younger kids were upset and they wanted to be in these wedding pictures too,” explained the poster: “An argument ensues where my daughter says that they had on-call nannies and just for whatever reason decided this was the event they didn’t want to leave their kids for.”

“I 100 percent understand the bride’s upset,” said Burke: “When you have an idea in mind of how you want the day to be, and you’ve spent lots of money creating that day, it can be very upsetting when things don’t go to plan.”

Additional guests—children or not—cause chaos for the planning side of things. The table plan is done, the meals are all accounted for and the favors have been set out. To add extra people into the mix unannounced throws all this out.

As the couple refused to budge on their children being at the wedding and other members of the family got increasingly upset, the Redditor said he was getting increasingly frustrated.

“I finally tell my daughter to just let them in or we’d be here forever,” he wrote: “She asked why I was taking their side, and I finally say that she either lifts this childfree policy for family or just cancel the wedding because I was done with her rules and leaving.”

The bride-to-be was even more upset at what she saw as her father taking sides and “stormed off.”

“There was a minute where she considered walking down the aisle with her future father-in-law,” wrote the dad: “She ended up relenting but says her wedding is marred by this event.”

Turning to the internet for advice, he asked “Am I the a**hole?”

With thousands of upvotes and comments, Redditors were quick to share their opinions on the event and overwhelmingly slammed the dad for not respecting his daughter’s wishes.

“YTA [you’re the a**hole],” said one reply: “She didn’t want small children at her wedding. You chose to side against her and try to force the issue. You’re in the wrong.”

“Child-free weddings exist for a reason. The children, especially toddlers, get restless and annoying,” said another reply.

One Redditor wrote: “Father of the year, way to ruin your daughter’s special day and probably your relationship with her and her side of the family.”

But Burke did have some advice for those who might find themselves in an argument or disagreement on their big day. She said: “There are very few on-the-day dramas that I think are worth disrupting your wedding day for—as long as you get married to the love of your life and have a wonderful time with your loved ones, everything else can be sorted out later.”

Newsweek has reached out to u/Throwawayunction-93 for comment. We were unable to verify the details of this case.

If you have a similar family dilemma, let us know via [email protected] We can ask experts for advice, and your story could be featured on Newsweek.

Source : Newsweek

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