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Freedom Caucus lays down markers in debt limit fight

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The conservative group rolled out proposals for steep cuts in government spending, providing a closer look at the kind of demands hard-line conservatives can back. 

Among the proposals presented Friday that the group wants pursued as part of debt limit negotiations are a pitch to return total discretionary spending to fiscal year 2022 levels for 10 years.

The plan also calls for capping growth at 1 percent annually during the same period, with members proposing exceptions to keep defense spending at current levels, while looking for cuts on the nondefense side.

The plan is likely to be a nonstarter with Democrats and potentially some Republicans, as Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has even called for “substantial” increases on the defense side for fiscal 2024 funding.  

“If somebody else on our side of the aisle or the other side of the aisle or a combination of the two wants to bring some plan together, we’re certainly going to consider it, but this is where we stand,” House Freedom Caucus Chairman Scott Perry (R-Pa.) said.

The Freedom Caucus said the plan would yield a cut of $131 billion in spending in the coming fiscal year, and “save roughly $3 trillion over the long term.”

The plan is a sharp contrast from President Biden’s 2024 budget request unveiled the day before, which calls for about $1.7 trillion in base discretionary funding for the next fiscal year. The plan also pitches nearly $3 trillion in deficit reductions over the next decade by raising taxes on wealthy individuals and corporations. 

Other proposals offered by the conservative caucus call for work requirements for welfare programs and ideas that would involve further purse tightening on the nondefense side.

The proposed budget roadmap is one of a few the House GOP are expected to release in the coming weeks, as the party works to find spending proposals the conference can get behind in debt limit talks with Democrats. 

Read the rest of the proposals from the group at TheHill.com.

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