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Here’s an NBC News reporter’s proof Alvin Bragg isn’t ‘Soros-backed’

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Donald Trump and other Republicans have referred to Alvin Bragg as a “Soros-backed” prosecutor in Manhattan, but NBC News’ “dystopian beat” reporter Ben Collins says that’s just not true. Why? Because Bragg has apparently never met Soros in person:

Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr. and Ron DeSantis have all claimed Alvin Bragg is “Soros-backed” or aligned since the news of the indictment dropped.

In reality, Soros has “has never met or spoken to Alvin Bragg,” according to a CNBC story from last week.https://t.co/UoCI1R1B4o

— Ben Collins (@oneunderscore__) March 31, 2023

However, the story itself dumps cold water all over that brand of proof Bragg isn’t Soros-backed:

From this CNBC story: Soros and a nonprofit funded by him made donations to Color of Change, which backed Bragg’s DA campaign.

But, but, but Soros has never met or spoken to Bragg!!!

— Nick Short ‎‎ (@PoliticalShort) March 31, 2023

Soros just happened to pay a PAC 1 million dollars days after they pledged to give Bragg’s campaign 1 million dollars.

It’s surely a coincidence if you catch my drift 😉 pic.twitter.com/uaRdsxYD82

— Justine (@BruinJustine) March 31, 2023

This is such a hilariously impotent attempt to deflect. This tweet needs to be framed, and hung.
How about this as proof, Ben, that Bragg is “Soros-backed”:

The source? The article YOU just linked to. https://t.co/vPO1XShz3R pic.twitter.com/XipzhAXRUn

— Brad Slager: Just Watching Walls Moving Out… (@MartiniShark) March 31, 2023

But they’ve never met!

Most of the criticism of Bragg appears to stem from support, and later political pressure, he received from the racial justice group Color of Change, which tries to influence government and corporate policy around the country. Soros donated $1 million to the Color of Change PAC in 2021. The Soros-funded Open Society Policy Center also piled $7 million into the group’s separate 501(c)(4) arm that year.

Yet, those familiar with the contributions said that the money the billionaire and his organization gave to Color of Change was not earmarked to back Bragg’s campaign, or intended to be used in an effort to pressure the DA.

It’s just “journalism” doing it’s thing again:

YES Soros gave $1M to the PAC supporting Bragg but NO he has not gone on vacay with him so (FACT CHECK!) therefore the NBC propagandists say it’s not true he’s backed by the guy who gave $1M to back him. However much you loathe the corporate media, it’s nowhere near enough. https://t.co/DPJydzuBUF

— Mollie (@MZHemingway) March 31, 2023

Truer words were never spoken — or tweeted in this case.

How does this dude still have a job? https://t.co/Yis9vfOMAx

— Kristi (@TheyCallMeNans) March 31, 2023

You can bankroll someone you haven’t met, Ben

— Anonymous Political Gritty (@TBDGritty) March 31, 2023

You and @schwartzbCNBC should both be embarrassed for this ridiculous bit.

If you were looking for “disinformation” to shine a light on, high profile media trying to gaslight that a major donor isn’t “backing” elected officials unless they’ve met in person should fit the bill.

— Matt Whitlock (@mattdizwhitlock) March 31, 2023

It’s like saying somebody doesn’t back Big Macs because they’ve never met the CEO of Mcdonald’s.

Your own news agency reported it 11 days ago genius https://t.co/49jtecHRqE

— Darth Crypto aKa Jesse Feinberg aced his LSATS (@DefNotDarth) March 31, 2023

I’ve never met the IRS either, but somehow they ended up with a lot of my money.

— Bart Taliaferro 🌻 (@bartholomewtali) March 31, 2023

No kidding!

Question for the author of this piece @schwartzbCNBC

Hi can you confirm Murdoch and Koch delivered the money in a brown paper bag in person to Pennsylvania senate candidates?

Checking to see whether you’re a journalist or an absolute hack https://t.co/tyMobFFwHy pic.twitter.com/E4I7eiasdk

— Comfortably Smug (@ComfortablySmug) March 31, 2023

As usual the media’s reporting “rules” will be different when it comes to Republicans.



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