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How Artificial Intelligence Can Help Give Your Business a Boost

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How Artificial Intelligence Can Help Give Your Business a Boost

SINGAPORE, July 16, 2024 – (ACN Newswire) – Mid-year is often a good time to review the status of your business and consider making changes to help your business grow during the second half of the year. It is also an opportunity to assess the level of support your business is getting from digital solution tools, what is available in the market, and what to consider helping propel your business and customer engagement.

While enterprise businesses may have large technology budgets and can assemble a team of specialists, it can be different for small and microbusiness owners. They grapple with a variety of unique challenges running their business to compete in crowded marketplaces, yet this is starting to change.

Generative AI (AI) has taken significant strides over the past year and introducing new tools and strategies does not have to become a major investment or require expertise. With AI by your side, it’s use can help create a marketing strategy to not only stand out, but also help to drive increased engagement and fuel growth. With the increasing use of AI tools, Generative AI is on a path to become the next equalizer for small businesses.

Putting AI to work for content creation

AI becomes a companion in crafting both creative and easy to use content calendars. With AI tools, it can be easy to determine which themes and topics will resonate with desired audiences. From there, content can be created to be distributed across channels, establishing deeper connections with customers while boosting an online presence.

Generative AI steps in to assist in crafting content that captures attention and keeps readers engaged. It provides suggestions and enhancements to existing content and suggests professional images giving small businesses an edge in refining their messaging. And it saves time by tailoring integrated content across various channels. AI’s ability to tweak copy based on real-time feedback and analytics, can also help to fine-tune a rich content strategy delivering strong results.

Unveiling the benefits for targeted marketing

AI tools can also be used to delve deeper into competitor research. Using sophisticated algorithms and data, AI tools can swiftly gather information on competitors’ activity. And that is not all – AI can also serve up invaluable customer insights by analysing data from various sources. By discerning customer preferences, behaviours, and demographics, small businesses can more precisely pinpoint the right audience for their products and services. Once locked onto the right targets, AI helps discover the most effective channels to reach potential customers, helping to ensure marketing efforts are reaching the right audiences.

Evaluate, Adjust, and Shine

AI powered tools are not just here to make businesses look good, they excel at measuring customer performance. By tracking metrics like website engagement rates, conversion rates and customer satisfaction, AI provides insights into what is working and what needs a tweak. This allows small businesses to gauge the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and make informed decisions for improvement.

With access to this variety of insights, along with knowledge of their own business plans, businesses can take advantage of the benefits of using AI tools to streamline processes, consider new ideas and gain customer insights. Working along with human intervention, these insights can be essential to refine the outcomes. Knowing the business well can add the human evaluation element to the AI produced insights, which presents a more well-rounded view when considering opportunities for improvement.

With business owners using AI responsibly, the use of AI tools can be a significant technology enhancement for small businesses looking to go up against their competition and successfully grow their business. With these tools easily available to small business owners and entrepreneurs, AI offers the ability to both save time and money while elevating brand presence and resonating with target audiences more effectively than ever before.

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