Home News In ‘BRAKING’ news, Chris Hayes thinks red light tickets are actually a GOOD thing

In ‘BRAKING’ news, Chris Hayes thinks red light tickets are actually a GOOD thing

by News7

Chris Hayes is known for bad takes but this one feels like one of his worst of all time.

Speeding cameras are good, actually, and should be everywhere.

— Chris Hayes (@chrislhayes) August 10, 2023

Sorry, but any opportunity for the state to further surveil Americans is actually, not a good thing.

I’ll take “living in a police state is bad, actually” for $300, Alex. https://t.co/iFIx6jQoM2

— Hannah Cox (@HannahDCox) August 10, 2023Speeding cameras are unconstitutional and should be outlawed. https://t.co/89dSHHtIeB

— Andrew Kerr (@AndrewKerrNC) August 10, 2023This guy snitched on everyone he went to school with https://t.co/n2nLNgDESu

— JustElliot (@JustElliot2) August 10, 2023Oh, Chris was definitely a hall monitor. No doubt.

Fun fact: From 2013-2015 alone, Chicago’s speed cameras issued over 100,000 bogus tickets, stealing $2.4 million from the public.

The cameras are not primarily for safety. They’re for making government richer. https://t.co/0Xf7qZxvN0

— Billy Binion (@billybinion) August 10, 2023A reminder, that speed cameras do not improve traffic flow, prevent speeding or accidents, and only serve as a way to squeeze money from citizens. Obviously impacting the poor more. https://t.co/83QIo4B7QN

— Yore Friend Whig in Exile (@WhigJust) August 10, 2023Time for this nanny state caricature to put his MSNBC millions where his mouth is and pay the $150 tickets that destroy the lives of hard working DC Uber drivers https://t.co/6Gn3x1v6KO

— Max Blumenthal (@MaxBlumenthal) August 10, 2023


A great scam to fleece everyday Americans of more money.

this is the kind of thing where you can’t imagine the kind of person who would hold this kind of dorky opinion and then it’s just Chris Hayes https://t.co/ogde1ZjsPY

— Kevin McMahon (@Kevin__McMahon) August 10, 2023If the public was asked to imagine a picture of what a person cheering red light cameras might look like, it would look just like Chris. 

Just move, dude. There are cameras all over the UK and Europe; I’m sure you can find a neighborhood you like over there. https://t.co/0ne1FwoAFh

— BatMN (@_BatMN_) August 10, 2023You probably support HOAs too https://t.co/DEMMDzSc4z

— Ben Smith (@BenSmithDC) August 10, 2023The other wanna be fascists of society would probably agree with Chris.

What’s lamer—speed nanny Chris or meter maid Yglesias? https://t.co/i3WR0owfic

— Hooch (@CompanyHooch) August 10, 2023Are all the worst men Leftists, and why are they Matty and Chris?

Ruh roh. https://t.co/OaVEKeHde8 pic.twitter.com/jds5o5vHjz

— Jay Caruso (@JayCaruso) August 10, 2023Pretty sure that makes Chris a ‘RACIST’!

https://t.co/eSFhoC4OEu pic.twitter.com/JZhLRxX1z2

— Eric Spencer (@JustEric) August 10, 2023Always the right answer. Nothing good ever comes from giving the government more power.

govern me harder, daddy https://t.co/vK5r9o5yma

— LouLou 🐾🐾 (@Flaaaaalala) August 10, 2023There is no love stronger than the one liberals have of surveillance https://t.co/PpGELmv0t2

— 😷 wear a mask! (@wrath_776) August 10, 2023Leftists love big government more than Romeo loved Juliet. It truly is fascinating to watch a group of people so ready to turn over all their decision making power to Big Brother. Thankfully, there are conservatives with the opposite urge standing in the gap.

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