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NBC News says conservatives are celebrating backing Bud Light and others into a corner

by admin

We never take NBC News seriously up front, but they’re not necessarily wrong on this one; conservative activists have taken some joy in seeing Bud Light’s stock crater by billions of dollars following the brand’s celebration of Dylan Mulvaney’s 365th day of girlhood. Now we’re watching Target take a hit, and that’s kind of satisfying, too.

Target, Bud Light, the Dodgers and Disney have all been backed into a corner over their support of the LGBTQ community. The strategy has conservative activists celebrating. https://t.co/YCggmIfcMT

— NBC News (@NBCNews) May 26, 2023

Jo Yurcaba and Daniel Arkin report for NBC OUT:

But several mainstream brands have publicly supported LGBTQ people for years. So what’s different now? Advocates and marketing experts say it’s the growing power of a vocal minority of far-right political commentators, conservative politicians and religious legal groups, which have led the calls to boycott the companies while these right-wing groups and individuals also support a historic wave of state legislation that seeks to restrict LGBTQ rights.

The firestorm around these brands stems in part from efforts made by corporations to be more inclusive. In recent years, against a backdrop of growing cultural visibility for historically marginalized communities, consumer-focused companies have increasingly featured LGBTQ people in advertising, marketing and other public-facing initiatives, such as Pride events.

Of course, major companies also saw a clear capitalist incentive: LGBTQ people in the U.S. collectively represent roughly $900 billion in annual purchasing power, according to a 2019 report from LGBT Capital, a financial services company.

That hasn’t made them immune to backlash that has been intensified in part by internet-fueled conspiracy theories and a wave of anti-LGBTQ bills in statehouses.

So who are these experts that NBC News consulted? Why, Ari Drennen of Media Matters, of course.

What’s different now is so very, very simple, and yet NBC News doesn’t get it: They got the kids involved.

No one cared until the TQ’s started shoving their sexualization and maimed body parts into the faces of children


— GayPatriot (@GayPatriot) May 26, 2023

You shouldn’t write these articles until you have a better understanding of the issues. This is pure propaganda.

— WhatsTheFuss? (@WhatsFuss) May 26, 2023

Oh, they have understanding. This is very malicious, not incompetent.

— Sour Patch Lyds 💐 (@sourpatchlyds) May 26, 2023

Stop telling us how to live or we stop buying your stuff. It’s pretty simple.

— Batmantis (@Batmantis30) May 26, 2023

It’s amazing that most Americans don’t agree with the sexualization & abuse of children. Imagine that, NBC!

— Bradley Scott 🙏🇺🇸 (@Hoosiers1986) May 26, 2023

That article is so twisted it can never be straightened out. It is simple. Leave the children out of it and stop stepping into women’s spaces.

Ladies we have power and that power is in our purse.

Use it wisely.

— pjt (@thejaggins) May 26, 2023

Stop tyrannizing the majority with every oddball niche behavior. Stop demanding we approve of your lifestyle. Stop redefining words.

— John Bind (@johnbind2) May 26, 2023

You made the rules now you get to enjoy them…

— Matthew Pequegnat (@MattPequegnat) May 26, 2023

Maybe if they’d just left the kids alone…🤷‍♀️

— Brittany Hughes (@RealBrittHughes) May 26, 2023

Pride has been going on for like 20 years. It was fine. No one really objected or cared. Sure! Rainbows and shots and shit.

Then you guys went full “but why can’t we do this shit with 8 year olds?”

And now everyone is like “wait what?” And here is where our media is: https://t.co/tnEDNPZqLN

— Stephen L. Miller (@redsteeze) May 26, 2023

Basically our position is “fine, have four dudes lap dance a crucifix while painted up like an Avatar movie character, just maybe leave the kids alone and out of it?”

And they countered with “No deal. Our kids.

So now it’s a shrug a “sigh fine.” and a war.

— Stephen L. Miller (@redsteeze) May 26, 2023

Smart money says the left has gone way too far, especially by targeting children. Give the Democrats an inch and they take a mile. This time they may have to give that mile back or get rolled in elections going forward. Parents come in all ideological flavors.

— Don’t Be Ignorant (@dontbei) May 26, 2023

Many of us actually predicted this is precisely where Pride would lead.

— Annette Jals (@AMJalsevac) May 26, 2023

And by this I’m referring specifically to the corporate and community promotion of Pride parades and events. I’ve been around a long time and they’ve always included pretty obscene elements. I lived and worked in downtown Toronto and every year associates would take photos.

— Annette Jals (@AMJalsevac) May 26, 2023

Only two days until all the corporations swap out their logo avatars for rainbow versions (except in the Middle East).

But gays weren’t even allowed to get married 20 years ago! And yet you still elected both Barack Obama and Joe Biden, both of whom opposed same-sex marriage.


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Womp womp womp, NBC.

NBC tries SHAMING Matt Walsh and conservatives for boycotting companies pushing LGBTQ and HOO boyhttps://t.co/98UcuTvc6p

— Twitchy Team (@TwitchyTeam) May 26, 2023

Source : Twitchy

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