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Newsmax Host Deletes Bonkers Tweet Suggesting Pelosi Staged Attack

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Newsmax host Greg Kelly apparently isn’t convinced a hammer-wielding attacker assaulted Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul Pelosi.

Instead, the top-rated conservative cable star appeared to question whether the Democratic House Speaker could have staged the attack that left her husband in the emergency room.

“Just ‘wondering’ if Nancy Pelosi tried to STAGE her own mini January 6th. Complete with leaving the doors and windows OPEN for ‘insurrectionists’ and this Depepe fellow,” Kelly wrote on Twitter shortly after news broke of a suspect being arrested.

“THAT or she can’t secure her home or office!” he continued.

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That tweet was eventually pulled down by Kelly, along with a slew of other Pelosi-focused posts.

In another since-nuked tweet, the Newsmax host questioned how Paul Pelosi could have been struck by a hammer and already be on the road to recovery.

“Wait a second,” he wrote. “82-year-old Paul Pelosi they SAY was attacked by a guy with a HAMMER, yet he’s expected to make a Full Recovery? And why is NANCY requesting ‘privacy at this time’ – NO.”


Elsewhere, in his afternoon tweet spree, the Newsmax host took issue with the press conference held by law enforcement officials while asking a series of yet-to-be-answered questions.

“What the hell kind of ‘press conference was That?” he rhetorically asked his over half-of-a-million followers. “No questions?”

Neither Kelly nor Newsmax returned The Daily Beast’s request for comment on Friday evening.

Yet, on his Friday night Newsmax show, Kelly doubled down on his tweets, calling the incident “weird.”

“We want Paul Pelosi to get better. Definitely. And violence is never, never the answer, but we’ve got questions, and right now details are sketchy, and I do believe deliberately so,” he said on his primetime program.

This isn’t the first time Kelly—by far one of the most colorful Trumpworld characters—has deleted tweets.

Last year, he took down a tweet claiming that a group of more popular Newsmax staffers had snubbed him from a wine vineyard adventure.

“TRUE STORY: a certain ‘in’ group at work decided to go on a little ‘outing’ to a VINEYARD this past weekend. (Totally not my thing-but would have been NICE to be asked!)” Kelly wrote at the time, which was later taken down.

Source : The Daily Beast

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