Home News Nikki Haley wins D.C. GOP primary, NBC News projects

Nikki Haley wins D.C. GOP primary, NBC News projects

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Nikki Haley wins D.C. GOP primary, NBC News projects01:20


Brand new report reveals widening voter participation gap due to gutting of Voting Rights Act08:13

Uncommitted vote in Michigan ‘doing Biden a favor’ by sounding alarm on Gaza policy11:20

Velshi: A protest vote in a primary election is useful. But don’t play with fire in November05:14

What Trump’s ‘string of wins’ in Michigan, Missouri, Idaho caucuses mean for Nikki Haley06:44

NBC News projects Trump wins Idaho, Michigan, Missouri caucuses01:33

Velshi: When Trump says the quiet parts out loud… believe him06:26

‘We need to do more’: Sanders calls for increased pressure on Netanyahu to ease suffering in Gaza08:31

Nikki Haley knocks down possibility of ‘No Labels’ presidential bid08:27

Carlos Lozada: What I learned from reading 887 pages of plans for a second Trump term06:35

Steve Rattner: Why Independent voters are on the rise08:15

Biden’s substantive border visit exposes hollow Trump stunt08:27

Rep. Castro: ‘Rebuilding’ foreign economies is among ‘longer term solutions’ to border crisis04:00

State attorney rips SCOTUS for throwing ‘sand in the gears of justice’09:31

Lisa Rubin: The question SCOTUS has agreed to resolve is a narrow one10:33

Another judge boots Trump from ballot for insurrection as Supreme Court takes immunity case06:30

‘It’s going to make a big difference’ Jennifer Palmieri on how IVF will impact 202405:31

‘There is no link to Joe Biden’: House Dem slams GOP impeachment inquiry05:15

‘Really creepy’: Former Australian PM on Trump’s admiration for Putin06:09

What brought more than 100,000 to cast ‘uncommitted’ votes in Michigan03:48

Source : MSNBC

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