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Nine Cops Open Fire on Man During Confrontation on Nashville Interstate

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Nine police officers in Tennessee opened fire at a 37-year-old man on Thursday afternoon after a confrontation on an interstate highway in Nashville. The man, who police said had been sitting on a guardrail on the busy roadway, died.

In a video filmed by a bystander and posted to Twitter by news outlet WSMV, the man can be seen standing still in the right lane of the highway as almost a dozen Tennessee Highway Patrolmen and Nashville Police look on, guns drawn. The entire highway is blocked on both sides. The man raises his arms towards police, and the video pauses. Multiple gunshots can then be heard.

In a press briefing, Nashville Metro Police spokesman Don Aaron said the man was holding a box cutter in his left hand, and was shot when he suddenly pulled his right hand out of his pocket, holding a “shiny, silver cylindrical object.”

Aaron said a Tennessee Highway Patrol officer was traveling along the interstate on Thursday afternoon when he noticed the man sitting on the guardrail.

When the trooper stopped and spoke to the man, trying to get him off the highway, the man pulled out a box cutter, Aaron said. An off-duty Mt. Juliet police officer, who was traveling home with his family, saw what was happening and stopped.

The two tried to deescalate the situation for the better part of half an hour, according to Aaron.

“The man was holding a box cutter in his left hand. His right hand was in his pocket,” Aaron said. But as police officers arrived and continued speaking to the man, he “suddenly” pulled an unidentified “shiny, silver cylindrical object” out of his right pocket, Aaron said.

Nine officers then shot the man, according to Aaron. He said that police have not yet determined what the object was but it was not a firearm. No Tasers were used before the gunfire, though at least one officer had one on standby, he added.

“Once the shiny cylindrical object was seen, the officers fired. Not knowing what that was, the officers were firing in defense of themselves, not knowing what potential threat could have been in that right hand as it quickly emerged out of his pocket,” said Aaron.

The man was taken to a nearby hospital and pronounced dead. His identity has not been released but he has been arrested before, Aaron said.

“Through the conversation, the trooper believed it would be OK. It was the pushing away from the trooper and producing the box cutter that escalated it up to a greater law enforcement response,” he said.

Traffic on both sides of the highway was backed up for miles, according to The Tennessean. Two southbound lanes have since opened, but all northbound lanes remain close.

Source : The Daily Beast

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