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Rockets fans celebrate as Nets trade Kevin Durant to Suns

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When LSU forward Tari Eason was picked by the Rockets at No. 17 in the 2022 NBA draft, he became the first draft asset from the blockbuster James Harden trade (the January 2021 version involving Brooklyn and Houston) to be realized. But he’s far from the last.

Because of that Harden deal, the Rockets have a first-round pick headed their way from the Nets or a right to swap first-round picks with Brooklyn in each of the next five drafts, through 2027. All are unprotected, meaning that even if one of those Brooklyn picks ended up at No. 1 in the first round, it could still go to Houston.

Thus, what’s bad for Brooklyn’s long-term outlook is good for Houston’s future, and vice versa. Now, with a pair of All-Stars in Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant traded in recent days, the Nets are suddenly devoid of elite talent for the remainder of those years.

Here’s how Rockets fans reacted early Thursday morning to the news that Durant is headed to Phoenix for a trade package headlined by Mikal Bridges, Cam Johnson, and future draft compensation.

Two years after the Rockets made the Harden trade, Harden, Kyrie and now KD are all out of Brooklyn.

The Rockets may be in business now with those picks: Unprotected firsts in 2024 and 2026 and unprotected swaps in 2023, 2025, 2027. https://t.co/9Ss7HGprWB

— ClutchFans (@clutchfans) February 9, 2023

Wrote about it this morning (or technically yesterday):

This is the type of Durant trade construct that signals the Nets are opting for a LONG rebuild. https://t.co/tGMCTtozsS

— Salman Ali (@SalmanAliNBA) February 9, 2023

We prayed on Brooklyn’s downfall and we have been blessed. Hallelujah amen.

— Roosh (@RooshWilliams) February 9, 2023

Them Nets picks lookin SPECTACULAR though

— Jason Williams (@AstroRocket) February 9, 2023

Rafael Stone fleeced the Nets out of their future bro. I don’t ever wanna hear niggas say we lost the Harden deal again

— Xavier Thibodeaux (@zayiceman171) February 9, 2023

Source : USA Today

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