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Travel with Syafiq Kyle and Koe Yeet in Spritzer’s ‘Air Love Cuti-Cuti’ Adventure

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Travel with Syafiq Kyle and Koe Yeet in Spritzer’s ‘Air Love Cuti-Cuti’ Adventure

KUALA LUMPUR, June 10, 2024 – (ACN Newswire) – Spritzer, Malaysia’s leading mineral water company, is committing to enhancing travel experiences by launching the “Air Love Cuti-Cuti” campaign. This exciting initiative celebrates the passion for travel deep within the Malaysian spirit, offering engaging experiences, games, prizes, and a star-studded ambassador line-up.

Leading the charge as the faces of the “Air Love Cuti-Cuti” campaign are two of Malaysia’s well-known celebrity names – Syafiq Kyle and Koe Yeet. Syafiq Kyle, a renowned actor and model, is famous for his charismatic on-screen presence and love for adventure. Joining him is Koe Yeet, the acclaimed TV and film actress who won the Best Newcomer award at the Asia Content Awards 2021.

Together, these newly appointed Spritzer ambassadors will share their travel stories and vlogs, inspiring Malaysians to embrace the spirit of exploration and create unforgettable memories across the nation’s diverse landscapes. From heritage sites to bustling cities and local food, Syafiq Kyle and Koe Yeet will showcase Malaysia’s best, encouraging travellers to stay hydrated with Spritzer’s refreshing mineral water.

“At Spritzer, we understand that travel is about more than just destinations – it’s about the experiences, connections, and memories created along the way,” said Kenny Lim, Chief Executive Officer of Spritzer Berhad. “Through ‘Air Love Cuti-Cuti,’ we want to become an integral part of those journeys, ensuring that every traveller feels refreshed and hydrated as they explore the beauty of our nation.

The “Air Love Cuti-Cuti” campaign, which started in June, aims to deepen Spritzer’s connection with travel enthusiasts by offering various interactive experiences at major transportation hubs across Peninsular Malaysia. Travellers can enjoy free Spritzer drinks, participate in mini-games, and capture memorable moments at photo booths.

A key campaign highlight is the Air Love Cuti-Cuti: Snap & Menang social media contest, running from June 10th to July 21st. Participants can share their most creative travel photos or videos featuring Spritzer on Instagram or Facebook using the hashtags #AirLoveCutiCuti and #CutiCutiSpritzer. Exciting prizes include 30 weekly local travel vouchers worth RM1,000 each and two grand prizes of overseas travel vouchers worth RM10,000 each. For more details, visit the microsite.

The “Air Love Cuti-Cuti” campaign underscores Spritzer’s commitment to being more than a mineral water brand. It aspires to be a trusted companion that enhances the travel experiences of all locals and tourists alike. The brand aims to become integral to every Malaysian’s travel adventures and daily lives by connecting a joy of exploration with and their experiences with Spritzer. Spritzer’s continued commitment to quality and purity ensures you stay refreshed throughout your adventures.

For more information on the “Air Love Cuti-Cuti” campaign, including the “Snap & Menang” contest, visit

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About Spritzer:

Established in 1989, Spritzer Group has been a pioneer in providing Malaysians with natural mineral water sourced from a 440-acre green rainforest. Committed to innovation, Spritzer Group leads the Malaysian bottled water industry through manufacturing, distribution, marketing, and sales of its diverse product line. From renowned natural mineral water to refreshing non-carbonated fruit-flavoured drinks, each product is carefully crafted to meet consumer needs.

Comprising eight business subsidiaries, Spritzer Group specializes in the production and distribution of silica-rich natural mineral water, sparkling natural mineral water, distilled drinking water, carbonated fruit-flavoured drinks, and non-carbonated fruit-flavoured drinks.

With over 30 years of experience, Spritzer Group is Malaysia’s largest and only listed bottled water producer. For more information, please visit

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