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U.S. makes first aid airdrop into Gaza with Jordan

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Engel: U.S. is in very difficult situation while it ‘backs Israel’s war’07:01

Father of American-Israeli held hostage by Hamas: ‘Where is the outcry of the United States people?’05:45

Parents of Israeli-American hostage to attend SOTU address10:32

U.N. report finds ‘convincing’ information Israeli hostages were sexually abused03:29

At least two killed in Houthi attack on shipping vessel01:28

David Ignatius: Food convoy carnage shows what’s wrong in Gaza09:18

VP Harris: There must be an ‘immediate ceasefire’ in Gaza05:21

Uncommitted vote in Michigan ‘doing Biden a favor’ by sounding alarm on Gaza policy11:20

Israelis eyeing start of Ramadan for cease-fire but negotiations over hostages continue04:28

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U.S. makes first aid airdrop into Gaza with Jordan02:20


U.S. Air Force drops food pallets into Gaza00:51

‘We need to do more’: Sanders calls for increased pressure on Netanyahu to ease suffering in Gaza08:31

Kristof: U.S. can do more to help ‘most vulnerable’ in Gaza03:00

Polymeropoulos: ‘The U.S. is going to have to act now’ after deadly incident in Gaza surrounding aid03:59

IDF Spokesperson: ‘We did not open fire’ on civilians seeking aid05:36

Israeli Government Spokesman: ‘We want to see a temporary pause in fighting’04:38

Sen. Murphy: Biden admin ‘has to throw everything they have’ behind pausing ‘hostilities’ in Gaza06:34

Humanitarian crisis in Gaza a ‘hinge point in history,’ says senator03:50

Biden says he is still ‘hopeful’ for a cease-fire in Gaza02:54

Richard Haass: ‘The Trump administration put the Palestinian issue off to the side’05:09

Source : MSNBC

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