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Wings and Rings Makes Huge Strides in Q1: Innovations, Loyalty Growth and Strategic Partnerships

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With new menu items, LTOs, loyalty rewards, community partnerships and more, the sports restaurant franchise offering a club-level experience is winning the hearts of more customers all over the country.

Cincinnati, OH  (  Wings and Rings, the acclaimed sports restaurant and bar franchise, is delighted to announce exceptional growth and consumer engagement in the first quarter of 2024.

“Our Q1 achievements reflect our relentless pursuit of excellence and our commitment to our patrons,” said Kelly Hoyman, vice president of marketing at Wings and Rings. “From innovative menu offerings like our Hot Honey LTO [limited-time offer] to a focus on growing and activating our loyalty members and our strategic partnership with the Cincinnati Reds, we’re dedicated to creating memorable moments and undeniable value for our guests.”

The Wings and Rings loyalty program, which offers patrons a free appetizer simply for signing up, continues to attract new members and foster a deeper connection with its community. With an 8% increase in new loyalty member signups compared to Q1 2023 and a robust 15.6% rise in member participation, Wings and Rings has demonstrated its unwavering commitment to rewarding its patrons (who are known, collectively, as “the Buffalo Sauciety”). The brand has also continued to optimize the Wings and Rings mobile app to ensure a more user-friendly experience.

“We believe our loyalty rewards put us in an elite company in the restaurant industry,” said Hoyman. “We want to get new patrons into our doors as often as possible with rewards and discounts that are simply too good to pass up.”

The start of 2024 also saw Wings and Rings roll out several strategic promotions to drum up excitement, including successful Leap Day, Super Bowl and NCAA Tournament campaigns. And the results speak for themselves — same-store-sales were up for all three events over the previous year. The recent success of their Hot Honey LTO has led to them extending the fan-favorite offering past its original end date and into the summer to pair with their upcoming Southern Fried Wings.

In addition to menu innovation, Wings and Rings is in the process of remodeling seven locations across the country, reinforcing the brand’s commitment to providing an upscale, inviting atmosphere for guests.

Another major moment this quarter came with the announcement that Wings and Rings would act as the preferred wing provider at Great American Ballpark for the upcoming Cincinnati Reds baseball season. The brand also participated in the Reds’ Opening Day Parade, celebrating its second consecutive year marching in this iconic event.

“We’re so proud to partner with an institution like the Cincinnati Reds and give the entire city a unique way to experience our wings and onion rings,” said Hoyman. “It’s a perfect fit.”

Since day one, Wings and Rings’ unique combination of crave-worthy food, top-tier atmosphere and a commitment to finding new ways to satisfy guests has set the brand apart in the sports bar space. Now, Hoyman says, the team isn’t resting on its laurels — there are plenty of exciting things on the horizon for the Buffalo Sauciety.

“The past few months have really been an exciting time for the Wings and Rings brand,” said Hoyman. “We’re always looking ahead to how we can further elevate the Wings and Rings experience and bring more to the table. Here’s to building on this momentum and welcoming even more guests into the Wings and Rings family.”

About Wings and Rings

Established in 1984 in Cincinnati, Ohio, Wings and Rings is THE club-level sports restaurant and bar with crave-worthy Wings and Rings, My Place Service and a Club-Level Ambiance, all to encourage social connections. Whether it’s enjoying a bit of banter, catching up over the game, finding new craft beer favorites, or celebrating a big win, Wings and Rings is the place where everyone can kick back, enjoy life, and champion everyday moments. With 85 units across the globe, Wings and Rings is changing the sports restaurant category, making elevated food and beverage experiences accessible to all fans. For more information, please visit and

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