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with the hashtag #MahsaAmini, an unprecedented movement of women’s rebellion

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with the hashtag #MahsaAmini, an unprecedented movement of women's rebellion

Mahsa Amini. A first name, a last name. Those of a 22-year-old Iranian girl, who died Friday, September 16 in Tehran, where she was staying with her family, three days after her arrest by the morality police, responsible for enforcing the strict dress code of the Islamic Republic. His fault: violating the wearing of the headscarf imposed by law. #MahsaAmini. An identity that has become a hashtag on social networks, then a rallying cry for Iranian women – and their supporters – who no longer accept the increasingly severe repressions and rules applied against them by the Tehran regime. In a few days, #MahsaAmini allowed the dissemination all over the world of angry messages, and especially of protest videos. “Woman, life, freedom” Several sequences show demonstrations bringing together women, some publicly displayed without any headscarf , from September 16 near the Kasra hospital in Tehran, where she died. The following day, the funeral held in his hometown of Saqqez, in the province of Kurdistan, led to a rally that Iranian security forces dispersed with tear gas. On Tuesday, the authorities announced the death of three people during the demonstrations. “We don’t want to die”. “We are not hashtags, we are human beings”“Dear #MahsaAmini you didn’t die, your name becoming a symbol”These young women remove their hijab in protest against the murdering of 22 year old woman who was killed by hijab police in Iran.#مهسا_امینیpic.twitter.com/s4cgE0SD5q— Masih Alinejad 🏳️ (@AlinejadMasih) September 18, 2022Other protest videos were then relayed from Tehran, Mashhad (the country’s first holy city located in the northeast) or Sanandaj (capital of the province of Kurdistan). A valuable benchmark for multiplying the audience of the images, #MahsaAmini also ensured the borderless dissemination of the slogans taken up in the streets: “Woman, life, freedom”, “Death to the dictator”. According to NGOs, including Human Rights Watch, four protesters were killed and dozens more injured in the country. filming themselves cutting off those strands of hair that power ever more strictly forbids them to show. An unprecedented constellation of acts of rebellion that comes just a month after the very conservative President Ebrahim Raisi signed a decree setting out harsher penalties for breaches of the dress code, both in public and online. Proof of the dimension taken by #MahsaAmini: its Persian counterpart (#مهسا_امینی) had more than 1.6 million hits on Twitter as of Sunday. A feat, while the site has been blocked in Iran since 2009 and only accessible through barrier bypass software (VPN). Even officials can no longer escape #MahsaAmini. Representatives of the Iranian executive also refer to it to sweep aside the accusations of the violence preceding the coma and then the death of the young woman. “President Raïsi to the family of the late #MahsaAmini: “I ordered that the incident be thoroughly investigated so that no rights are violated,” the official government account tweeted on September 18. The outcome of the investigation is already beyond doubt, the authorities repeating that Mahsa Amini, in good health according to her family, was the victim of a heart attack.

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