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xPortal by MultiversX Aims To Become Your Metaverse Passport

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So far, 2023 is filled with Web3 news – and the latest one is the xPortal Super App launched by MultiversX Labs. This platform combines the main features we use daily, such as finance, messaging, social media sharing, and crypto. In other words, we might be able to trade NFTs and crypto, track your investments, and explore the Web3 world in a matter of minutes.

MetaversX CEO Beniamin Mincu announced the company’s latest project, the xPortal Super App.
What is the xPortal Super App?
In short, xPortal Super App is a suite of features to connect the physical and digital worlds like never before. This new system will facilitate users’ access in the following ways:

end-to-end encrypted messages;
social media features, including AI-generated avatars;
crypto payments;
tracking crypto and finance investments.

Accordingly, the demo version of xPortal launched in November 2022. Now, the team’s main goal is to provide a new experience for the 1.1 million users who have already tested the main version.

“The xPortal Super App is an instrumental step on our mission to build the backbone for

a new digital financial system. Our ambition is that everyone, no matter where they are or their background, should have easy access to secure and efficient financial services to help them achieve their goals and live their best lives. All this becomes available today.” said Beniamin Mincu, MultiversX Labs CEO.

The project aims to facilitate users’ web3 and physical experiences using the latest tech solutions.
What is MultiversX?
MultiversX is a European blockchain network aiming to bring UX to a new level through Web3-centered innovations. The company actually launched in 2017 under the name “Elrond.” Last year, founders Beniamin and Lucian Mincu opted for rebranding – and that’s how MultiversX was born.

Considering the team’s past achievements, xPortal might just change the future of Web3 regarding socialization and trading as we know it.

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