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Yuga Labs Appoints New CEO: Ex Blizzard COO, Daniel Alegre

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The swamp is heating up with the recent news that Yuga Labs has appointed Blizzard’s former Chief Operating Officer as its new CEO. Daniel Alegre, the video game company’s former COO, will join Yuga in the first half of 2023.

Here’s what you need to know about the new announcement:

The Web3 giant Yuga Labs has appointed its new CEO, the former Chief Operating Officer of Activision Blizzard.
Yuga Labs’ new CEO
In a press release to the Yugaverse community, Greg Solana, the co-founder of BAYC, stated that Yuga is competing with titans when it comes to the metaverse. Nonetheless, the team searched long and hard for a qualified individual to transcend Otherside and the Web3 leader’s other projects. This led them to Daniel Alegre, a “visionary executive” who shares the founders’ vision and creativity.

Why Daniel Alegre?
Alegre’s extensive track record, including his ability to scale media and gaming companies, makes him the perfect candidate for Yuga Labs. For example, his profound portfolio, which he built over time at Blizzard, includes some of the world’s most recognized and successful games. To specify, Alegre helped build World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, Diablo, Overwatch and Candy Crush. In addition, he has spent over 16 years working at Google where he had multiple superior positions. This includes President of Global and Strategic Partnerships, President of Shopping and Payments, and President of Asia Pacific and Latin America.

Moreover, after the posting of Yuga Lab’s announcement, Alegre explained his decision to join Yuga through a LinkedIn post. He made the following statement:

“The Web3 space allows an opportunity to reinvent how we think about ownership and utility of content globally,” Alegre wrote. “The implications are disruptive and at the same time empowering to creators and consumers across most forms of media. Yuga Labs — home to Bored Ape Yacht Club, the Otherside metaverse, CryptoPunks, and other incredible projects — has become a creative powerhouse with ongoing ambitions to be at the forefront of such innovation. I am extremely excited to lead the team to the next phase of growth.”

Furthermore, not only did Alegre join Yuga Labs as the new CEO, but he also recently joined BAYC. On December 15, he bought Mutant Ape #3850 for 16 ETH, which is a 5-trait robot Mutant Ape. The community celebrated his purchase and the announcement through a wave of joyful tweets.

Daniel Alegre recently joined the BAYC community by purchasing a Mutant Ape (#3850).

The excitement couldn’t be contained amongst the members of the Yugaverse community. Twitter was flooded with tweets welcoming Alegre after Yuga Labs officially made the announcement. Many members were amazed when discovering Alegre’s past roles and achievements.

Daniel Alegre, the former president of Activision Blizzard (a ~$60 BILLION dollar company) is joining Yuga as their new CEO

That is WILD. Someone of that caliber jumping into the NFT space to head one of the leading companies?!

Huge news & positive signal for our whole industry

— Andrew Steinwold (@AndrewSteinwold) December 19, 2022

Further, the announcement came at a perfect time since community members have been eager to find out what’s next for Yuga. Many of them previously mentioned that new hires will be needed to take Yuga Labs to new heights. Yuga answered their wishes and found someone that can accelerate Yuga’s growth while putting blockchain gaming, metaverse development and community building at its forefront. 

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