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Save 32% on family card game More or Less: Science & Nature Edition

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There’s something wholesome and heartwarming about settling down in the living room, ready to jump into a game with the whole family. And to us, it’s even more enjoyable if there’s an educational slant to the fun. 

That’s why Amazon’s current deal on More or Less: Science and Nature Edition caught our eye. Normally £14.99, this family-friendly card game is available for just £10.15, a saving of 32%.

This is one of three versions of More or Less available, a card game designed to be played by two or more players. Each card in the pack presents you with a question, and the answer to each one will always be “more or less”.

In the Science & Nature edition of the game, all of these questions, unsurprisingly, revolve around science and nature. For example, you might be asked “are there more or less than five major blood types?” or “are there more or less bees in the Arctic than Antarctica?”. The back of the card reveals the answers, along with a snippet of more information. Antarctica is the only continent that has zero bees, for example. And there are less than five major blood types (four: O,A, B and AB).

It’s a very easy game to play, and even if you don’t have much science knowledge going in, everyone has a 50% chance of guessing right. The included facts along with the answers means you get to learn some new trivia as you go along. Plus, it’s a small game, so perfect for chucking in a suitcase to take on holiday, or to keep children entertained in the back of the car on longer journeys.

If you like the sound of More or Less, its two other versions are also currently on sale on Amazon. The First Edition, which focuses on general knowledge and random factoids, and History Edition are both available for £10.15 too.

If you’re looking for more great games to play with the family, be sure to check out our round-up of best board game deals.

Source : Live Science

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