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$11,000,000,000 Worth Jerry Jones’ $225 Million Superyacht Hits the Bullseye

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Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has built a billion-dollar empire for himself in the NFL. From his days as a young boy greeting shoppers at the entrance of a North Little Rock Supermarket, to being the owner of the most valuable sports franchise on the planet, Jones’ journey has been a historical one in the making. It also catapulted him into the third spot of the Top Sporting Empires on the prestigious Forbes list.

Jones has undoubtedly come a long way ever since acquiring the Cowboys for $140 million to make it the most valuable sports franchise in the world. His superyacht stands as one of the many assets boasting the 80-year-old’s massive wealth.

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Over the years, as a successful owner of the richest NFL team, Jones has made a few notable purchases as a show off of the enormous wealth that he has garnered. One of these notable prized possessions is his $225 million superyacht, called Bravo Eugenia. The yacht is apparently the epitome of luxury, flaunting glamorous Swarovski accented furniture. Jones decided to name it Bravo Engenia in honor of his wife Eugenia Jones. 

The massive Superyacht is a wonder to behold. According to, it consists of seven luxurious suites that can accommodate over 14 guests. Apart from this, the yacht boasts two helipads, a swimming pool, a massage room, a Teppanyaki bar, a beach club, and many more luxurious amenities. The highlight of this yacht is the draft room, where the Cowboys owner made headlines as he made draft picks for the team from the vessel itself back in the 2020 NFL drafts.

Jones has surely made his mark in the NFL world over the years. How did the 80-year-old mark up his team to become worth $8 billion, the most valuable in the NFL.

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In 1989, 49-year-old Jerry Jones purchased the NFL franchise from his friend and then Cowboys owner H.R. Bright for $140 million. It was considered the biggest acquisition of an NFL team back in ’89. Throughout the years that followed, he set out on his journey toward riches. As a fearless businessman and smart salesman, he leveraged the team’s frequent TV appearances into turning a profit for the franchise. 

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One of his major moves with the team was when he made a detour around the NFL’s revenue-sharing agreement. He made his own sponsorship deal at the Texas stadium, the Cowboy’s initial home stadium. He then went on to sign a $40 million 10-year deal with PepsiCo and a $2.5 million contract with Nike to paint their logo on their current home ground, the AT&T stadium. Jones kept going. He recognized the profitability of sponsorships and established numerous “official” brands for the Cowboys, from dips to casinos. 


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With all the work he has done for the team and the sport, he has emerged as the Bezos of the sports world and the most recognizable name in NFL history. 

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$11,000,000,000 Worth Jerry Jones’ $225 Million Superyacht Hits the Bullseye  
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