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Gen.G vs Top Esports MSI 2024 Bracket Stage Recap

by News7

The strongest regions in League of Legends esports exchanged blows on the MSI 2024 bracket stage. Gen.G vs Top Esports.

The most dominant rosters in the running butt heads in the second round of the bracket stage. Gen.G’s hyper-carry champ pool made them highly respectable fighters on the rift. On the other hand, Top Esports has not been tested to their limits yet; a notable situation, considering Chinese teams thrive in MSI.

GEN and TES existed in an entirely different realm when it came to LoL pro-play — each roster a microcosm of what made their regions superior. Here’s our complete recap on the second game of the day!

Gen.G vs Top Esports MSI 2024 Recap
Game 1

Credit: Screenshot by Paul Gono/ESTNN
Creme debuts his Akali in TES’ upper bracket run.

Gen.G had tons of engage power in the first match, so they played to their potential. Unsurprisingly, the LCK titans had no problem going all in at botlane, where most of the fights happened. An early 3-0 lead put them in a nice spot, but TES found a few picks that kept the score gap small.

Gen.G’s timing and polished macroplay put them in the lead for most of the game. Even with two dragons on both teams, the Korean roster held a 7k gold lead in the midgame. On top of that, a fast Baron wave cracked TES’s midlane wide open. And TES’ focus was split.

369’s team needed to regain control. But a series of bad teamfights and a slow response to Peyz meant that TES couldn’t do much but fight defensively the entire game. Match one goes to the Gen.G roster.

Quick Stats:

Teams: Gen.G 1 – 0 Top Esports
Game Time: 31:46
Gold: 67.1k – 54.9k
Kills: (First Blood) 19 – 10
Turrets: (First Turret) 10 – 2
Dragons: 2 – 3
Barons: 1 – o

Game 2

Credit: Screenshot by Paul Gono/ESTNN
Interesting bot side drafts had all eyes on Peyz to see if he could replicate game one’s success.

A quick 1-for-1 on the sidelanes set the tone of the game. With Gen.G on the backfoot, TES used all of their aggression to shove GEN deeper into their towers. Meanwhile, TES Tian worked with his team to get the early objective lead. This gave them enough power for Baron. But Creme overextended, putting TES down one player.

After regrouping, Gen.G started Nashor with TES lying in wait for a steal. But Canyon anticipated the move and kicked Tian out of the Baron pit. A successful objective and a good teamfight took four LPL players out of the equation. The Koreans find the best lead in the match.

From there, Gen.G slowly descended TES, who couldn’t do much but defend as the Korean roster sieged blue side for their first nexus of the day.

Quick Stats:

Teams: Top Esports 0 – 2 Gen.G
Game Time: 30:31
Gold: 49.6k – 60.7k
Kills: 8 – 21 (First Blood)
Turrets: 2 – 10 (First Turret)
Dragons: 1 – 3
Barons: o – 1

Game 3

Credit: Screenshot by Paul Gono/ESTNN
Another incredibly strong composition had its sights set on JackeyLove, so Meiko locked in Alistar support. No one expected a Ryze counterpick from Kiin, so TES stayed on their toes.

Creme and 369 found the first kills for their team early on, but Gen.G were quick to answer. What resulted was nine summoner spells being used in the first six minutes. This put the LCK #1 seed in a bad spot, and a scrappy 5v5 for Void Grubs put them even further behind.

Kiin was able to get some picks for his team, but couldn’t tip the scales alone. Soon, Gen.G tried to make a play for Baron buff. But a scattered response across the wall and expended summoner spells spelled a quick end for the match. Top Esports closes game three in spectacularly dominant fashion.

Quick Stats:

Teams: Top Esports 1 – 2 Gen.G
Game Time: 28:01
Gold: 57.3k – 48.3k
Kills: (First Blood) 23 – 9
Turrets: (First Turret) 8 – 3
Dragons: 3 – 0
Barons: 1 – o

Game 4

Credit: Screenshot by Paul Gono/ESTNN
Gen.G tried to make a play to wreck TES’ tier two top turret. Tien and Mako were aware, so they roamed back down to turn it around. 3-0 for Top Esports. And from then, it was clear that Gen.G were severely outranged.

369 and Creme took turns in the frontline while JackeyLove and Meiko rained down utter destruction. Even the best of the LCK didn’t have enough power to contest a single objective afterwards. So TES claimed every drake in the game until they found the Soul that decided the game.

Every teamfight went to TES in the most dominating match in MSI 2024. And in a deja vu moment, Meiko and co. sieged the enemy topside for a Blue nexus. Top Esports take a dominant win towards another high-stakes series point.

Quick Stats:

Teams: Gen.G 2 – 2 Top Esports
Game Time: 28:09
Gold: 45.7k – 6.10k
Kills: 5 – 21 (First Blood)
Turrets: 2 – 11 (First Turret)
Dragons: o – 4
Barons: o – 1

Game 5

Credit: Screenshot by Paul Gono/ESTNN
Canyon locked in a bold flex pick for a lane-swap double HoB comp that made the Chengdu crowd go wild.

JackeyLove got the first two kills of the game, and TES Tian’s map control put his team in the driver’s seat. 1-4 10 minutes in, making the Chinese team’s first drake completely uncontested. Getting caught in TES’ crowd control was already a death sentence. But a few kills by Canyon kept them in the game.

In the midgame, the LCK #1 seed decided to play for cooldowns. JackeyLove didn’t have an ult, so when the midlaner overextended, Gen.G pushed back and broke tier one top turret. And after competing for a Hextech drake, Chovy found a play that distracted the ADC long enough for the rest to wreck havoc. In the end, the Korean team shrunk the score gap further, threatening a reverse sweep.

And after a few more 5v5s, they did just that. For the first time since their roster’s name change, Gen.G beat an LPL team in an MSI series.

Quick Stats:

Teams: Gen.G 3 – 2 Top Esports
Game Time: 33:49
Gold: 67.6k – 54.1k
Kills: 17 – 9(First Blood)
Turrets: 10 – 1 (First Turret)
Dragons: 2 – 2
Barons: 1 – o

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Source : Estnn

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