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Joining Jimmy Fallon & Others, Michael Jordan Makes Stunning Return to Kentucky Derby After Fashion Embarrassment

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Michael Jordan is an NBA legend and is known for his comeback, as he did with the Washington Wizards in 2001-02. But this story is not about his greatest moments with basketball but rather his dabbling with style in the outside world. As America’s longest continuously held sporting event, the Kentucky Derby is turning 150 on Saturday! Expectedly, hotshots like Jimmy Fallon, MJ, and Jack Harlow will bless the occasion with their presence.

Though MJ is not new to appearing at the Kentucky Derby, he’s returning to the historical sporting event after 17 years. However, this time, Jordan returns with swag, as his fashion statements at the Derby have had some awful experiences. In 2007, when he appeared at the Derby in a Seersucker suit, it got the attention of the media agencies immediately. Somehow, it did not fit their expectations, considering MJ’s reputation and status as a legendary figure. In fact, there was one such pic of the NBA legend that was ripped apart.


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One of the most discussed pictures from the 2007 Kentucky Derby was with Michael Jordan and 4x NBA Champion John Sally. The NBA legend donned a golden strip suit with a golden tie and white boat shoes. Despite his unique style, ESPN has kept MJ’s look in its collection of images titled “Worst Kentucky Derby Fashion”.

Though 2007 was just an unlucky year for Michael Jordan, considering his style criticism at the Derby, his appearance went slightly under-noticed than usual because of a royal affair!


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When Queen Elizabeth II stole the spotlight in Michael Jordan’s presence!Late Queen Elizabeth II was one of the most charming personalities whose last appearance at the Derby overshadowed the biggest celebrities in 2007, in comparison to the four other instances. Moreover, along with MJ, NFL’s Peyton Manning, actress Gabrielle Union, and Gene Simmons also marked their presence that year. Though many attended it because of its grandeur, no one had security arrangements like the Queen. It just seemed that the guest of the day was her and that’s what Steve Sexton thought so too!

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He told the Sydney Morning Herald that she was “certainly the most prestigious guest” in modern-day history! The British authorities and the United States Secret Service constantly monitored and met the Derby officials until the Queen left the arena after enjoying the action on the racetrack. David Sweazy, the VP of Operations, revealed this required “the highest level of involvement from a planning and security standpoint”.


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All these arrangements, including a safety glass, can confirm how big of an opportunity it was to have the Late Elizabeth II at the 150,000-stacked fan event. Only the Queen could have such charisma to overshadow the great Michael Jordan at such an important event. Unfortunately, she passed away two years ago in September. However, her memories and presence will always be in the minds of her admirers.

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