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“Leave Him Alone”: Trainer Kenny Ellis Pleads Floyd Mayweather to Release Grip on Gervonta Davis’ Career After Sneaky Move

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Close ties in sports are a temporary thing, aren’t they? While you have numerous examples of it, nothing makes you wonder what went wrong between Floyd Mayweather and Gervonta Davis. Isn’t it a typical troupe of a legendary master wanting to hand down his legacy to a talented pupil, with fate playing tricks? Only this time, it’s real, and it’s shaking the boxing world to the core. The tensions have reached a tipping point and call for intervention. But it seems coach Kenny Ellis is content with issuing a warning to ‘Money’ to “stop bickering.”

Mayweather, now 47, spotted a young and promising Davis, now 29, in 2015, and soon took him under his wings. The booming relationship lasted for seven years, benefiting each other. And it abruptly ended. Their dynamics have reached a point of no return, as they continue to drop verbal bombs, spread rumors, and try to tarnish each other’s public image. A bitter end to a once flourishing partnership, right? The switch of Leonardo Ellerbe from Mayweather Promotions to Gervonta Davis Promotions has only added more fuel to the already sizzling rivalry.

So, when asked how Ellerbe’s switch affects the now-strained relationship between Mayweather and ‘Tank,’ Ellis hoped for a quick resolution. The American coach also presented an alternative picture. Feuds never end well. Do they? Clarifying the situation to Mayweather, at 50-0, he asked him to let go, as Davis had other people in his corner now. He said, “When Floyd f*ck with Tank, now he meddling, you know. I love Floyd, you know. But Tank is attached to other people.”


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The Baltimore native coach then cautioned Mayweather of the repercussions, as such tension had an effect outside boxing too. He continued, “If he is not with him no more, leave him alone. Let it be. Stop bickering. Because this sh*t is bigger than boxing. If you bickering with me and I’m bickering with you and you got family, you don’t know who might one cross you. Sh*t can happen because we bickering. So stop this sh*t. It ain’t just boxing. It’s all walks of life.”


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This plea by Ellis came at a critical juncture, especially when Davis, at 29-0, marked his return to the boxing ring with a KO win over Frank Martin, and Mayweather tried to undo all of his hard work. The former world champion stole some of its luster by posting a clip that has been the talk among boxing fans for years. So, what did ‘Pretty Boy’ do?

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Mayweather posted the sparing clip of Devin Haney, and Davis that has long caused friction between the two. Not only did the two but also the camps of both boxers contest the details of their sparring session. The 20-minute-long clip made its way to the internet soon after Davis dismantled Martin. Maybe a perfectly timed stunt to downplay Davis’ victory?

The clip solidifies Haney’s claims that he punished the Baltimore native boxer and holds a psychological advantage over him. Does the years-old sparing clip do any damage to Davis’ sway over the fans? It doesn’t seem so. But it does present an ominous picture to the fans. The tricks are getting dirtier, and it’s high time the two make amends.

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