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Lewis Hamilton Reveals One Meal He’d Eat for the Rest of His Life

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Formula 1 isn’t merely driving cars; it demands significant physical strength. F1 champions like Lewis Hamilton understand the gruelling nature of the sport, enduring forces like G-forces and extreme temperatures. To perform at the highest level week after week, drivers must maintain peak fitness.

Despite being 39 years old, the F1 reigning champion’s top fitness secret is his vegan/plant-based diet.  However, the seven-time world champion recently unveiled the one meal he would savour for life. Let’s peek into the seven-time champion’s favourite dish and dietary regimen.

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In a recent YouTube video, Lewis Hamilton went undercover to interact with fans, responding to comments and questions from various social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Quora, Reddit, and TikTok. Among the comments, one question by Autumn stood out: “Hi, you can only eat one food for the rest of your life, what are you choosing?” Hamilton disclosed “ I think, it would be a curry. I love Indian food. There’s one food that I do eat all the time when I get home and it’s just minestrone soup and I just have the same minestrone soup all the time I don’t get tired of it so or avocado toast”

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Since 2017, the Mercedes Driver has embraced a vegan lifestyle. Not only has he clinched seven titles, but at 39, he also exudes vitality and fitness. The Brit frequently indulges in his beloved minestrone soup, never tiring of its taste and avocado toast. Avocados hold a permanent place in his diet. In an interview with Men’s Health, he revealed that his lunch usually comprises a salad abundant in avocado, offering healthy fats along with a plethora of vegetables.

To sustain his energy levels, the seven-time champion relies on a diet rich in nuts and vegan protein bars. His dietary shift has not only led to an increase in muscle mass but has also revitalized his energy levels and enhanced his sleep cycle, which is a crucial aspect for any athlete. The Brit’s transition to veganism was influenced by a variety of factors. Would you like to know more about how he became vegan?

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Around five years ago, 39 year old made the decision to ditch animal products, aligning himself with the growing number of vegan celebrities. Since then, he has actively utilized his platform to advocate for a plant-based diet, leveraging his influence to spread awareness about the benefits of veganism. Besides, he revealed that he rarely consumes chocolates, pasta, and rice, opting instead for a high-protein diet to maintain peak performance.

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His journey towards veganism was ignited by a chance encounter with a friend in New York, where he was enlightened about the realities of food production. Additionally, Mercedes  Drivers doctor cautioned him about the potential risks of protein deficiency, given the strenuous demands of F1 racing. Despite this, Hamilton was determined to pursue his plant-based path, a decision that has since proved beneficial for both his performance and his principles.


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