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Masvidal vows to ‘murder’ Covington ‘legally’

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The Jorge Masvidal-Colby Covington saga is far from over, at least from “Gamebred’s” end. The UFC’s first and only “BMF” champion recently appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast where he promised to get back at “Chaos” before he retires.

“I didn’t get him that time. But I promise you, before my career’s over, I’m gonna f—ng murder Colby in the cage. Legally.”

Masvidal told a brief backstory of his falling out with Covington, how the latter supposedly refused to pay striking coach Paulino Hernandez for training services, up until their altercation outside a Miami steakhouse in March 2022.

With regard to that case, here’s what Masvidal had to say.

“Allegedly, a lot of things happened. I don’t know. They’re saying a lot of things but it’s all allegedly, cuz. Shit, man. I don’t know what they’re talking about. But legally, in the cage, in the UFC, I’m gonna snatch his soul, one way or another.”

Covington’s heel turn, according to him, was because of the UFC’s threat to cut him from the roster. But for Masvidal, there are other ways to go about keeping his spot in the organization.

“Shit on a whole country just for what? I feel like he could’ve just been beating people, put more time in the craft rather than Twittering and trying to copy other heels, and it would’ve been fine. This guy is just, ‘Oh, what is Conor doing today? Let me go do that in a cheaper, shittier way.

“Be f—ng you, bro. Just go out there and beat dudes up and say what you gotta say and it’ll come to you. It took me a while to get here. I had to f—ng knock out and beat numerous f—ng people, ex-world champions to get here. It’ll come. You don’t have to sell out for the f—ng dollar, bro.”

Masvidal and Covington fought at UFC 272 where he lost via decision. According to him, that fight didn’t show the best version of himself.

“I wanted to f—ng kill him, I wanted to hurt him. But it wasn’t the best version of me. It just wasn’t the best version of me.”

The former teammates turned rivals are also in the middle of a legal issue, stemming from Masvidal’s alleged attack on Covington.

Masvidal returns to action at UFC 287 against Gilbert Burns. It takes place on April 8 in Miami.

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Masvidal vows to ‘murder’ Covington ‘legally’  
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