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Overwatch 2: Ana Hero Guide (2024)

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Bolster allies, impair hostile targets, and dominate competitive Overwatch 2 with Ana’s versatile arsenal.

Ana sports an impressive off-support kit that can dramatically change the outcome of any fight on the field. Players old and new will be pleased to find that Ana’s skills remain untouched in the sequel, save for the added passive ability for Supports.

Follow our complete Overwatch 2 Ana Guide for her abilities, the best way to use her and the useful tips and tricks.

Ana Hero Guide
Overwatch 2 – Ana’s Abilities
Armed with her trusty Biotic Rifle, Ana whittles down her targets and heals damaged allies. Her bullets pass through friendlies with full HP, so feel free to spam fire on a clump of allies if need be. Aiming down sight makes your primary fire hitscan, and Ana cannot deal critical damage through headshots.

The Biotic Grenade functions much like her rifle, giving a burst of healing and dealing damage to enemies. Enemies affected by this cannot heal for 3.5 seconds, and allied heroes receive 50% more healing from all sources. The Biotic Grenade is the most versatile thing in Ana’s short list of abilities, so use it well, and always keep an eye on its cooldown.

Her Sleep Dart disables enemy players with the “Sleep” condition for 5 seconds. Blizzard recently buffed the cooldown to 14 seconds, making Sleep Dart more effective in the Tank meta. However, her dart now puts tanks to sleep for 3.5 seconds instead of 5 seconds. If a sleeping enemy takes a single point of damage, they wake up.

Ana’s Nano Boost is probably the best off-support ultimate ability in the game. This single-target power boost heals an ally and halves all damage for 8 seconds.

Ana Tips & Tricks
Ana offers more in exchange for any sustainable ability to defend herself fully. That being said, survivability isn’t her strong suit, so communication with your team is vital to counter-sneaking enemies and capitalize on sleeping targets. Successful flick shots with your Sleep Dart can always get you out of a bind, but will take a lot of practice!

Aiming down sight with your biotic rifle has its advantages and disadvantages. Aiming down sight (or ADS) makes your shots hit their target instantly, but leaves a bullet trail that reveals your position. Weigh the risks, and quickscope often to prevent enemies from knowing your position.

Try to save Ana’s Biotic Grenade until you need to turn things around in team fights. A good AOE heal from your grenade can make the difference.

The 4-meter splash radius prevents enemies from healing while enhancing yours, completely countering Zenyatta and Lifeweaver ults.

Another cool tip is that self-regenerating “shield health” (or blue health) also counts as healing.

Here it is y’all. WHEW. 35+ Hours of stream footage, Pretty damn happy about this one. Thank you for watching, love y’all. This took forever.

FULL Video here 👉

What 800+ Hours Of Ana Looks Like – Ana Montage #9 #Overwatch2 #OW2 #overwatch

— Alninio 🇰🇼 (@alninio9) October 27, 2022

Use Sleep Dart’s wind-up time to redirect your shots. Hitting a hero with your sleep dart also deals damage, albeit minuscule. But with enough practice, you’ll be catching Dragonblade Genjis in no time.

Save Nano Boost for either the best player on your team or a vulnerable tank. Find consistent players who would make the most out of its power, and remember that its 250 HP boost can bail out any heroes you want to save from a hot spot.

Ana Positioning Tips
When playing as Ana, position yourself away from the fight. Use hidden corners and high platforms with an easy line of sight on your team’s tank. 

Heroes now heal a few seconds outside of combat. Use this to your advantage. Pace yourself and find safe places to recover. Keep yourself alive, and the people you help will thank you for it.

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