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Bard AI Forecasts $WSM Coin to Skyrocket by +352%: Wall Street Memes Price Prediction 2023

by News7

The fusion of AI technology and crypto is well and truly underway. Everywhere you turn now we can see its involvement in the market. Projects are popping up left, right, and center that utilize the technology in some way or another, some are included in the best new cryptocurrency projects which you can see here. While it is way too new in its lifespan to understand what it can do for us it is still absolutely fascinating.

One way a lot of people have been using AI is ChatGPT. The popular AI chatbot has been going viral throughout 2023 as people ask it about everything. Of course, its predictions have become very popular in the crypto world as investors hope that it may know something they do not. However, there is an issue with ChatGPT that many wish to ignore and this is that it warns us it cannot make future predictions.

Despite this clever users have discovered ways to release ChatGPTs jailbreak function that does make crypto predictions. However, we have to ask can we trust a technology that we literally have to trick to give us a prediction? That question will remain unanswered for now but it doesn’t matter as Google has come out with its own AI chatbot called Bard Ai.

The great news for crypto lovers is Bard has no hesitation in making crypto predictions for its users it just warns that the market changes and therefore so do predictions which of course we would hope everyone would already know.

We decided to test it out for ourselves and asked it what its forecast for new presale Wall Street Memes ($WSM). This presale has only just begun but is creating a lot of hype online and has surpassed $2 million raised already. Here is what it had to say.

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Bard Ai is extremely bullish on Wall Street Memes future price
Very interesting indeed. Just to help any readers that don’t want to do the math, Bard AI is predicting  Wall Street Memes could experience 352% percent growth in 2023. This would be a truly astonishing return and validates the theory of many experts that this is the coin that will replicate the success of Pepe Coin (PEPE).

What makes this even more interesting is that ChatGPT tended to give quite conservative views and although Bard does mention that it could also hit a low of $0.02 all eyes will be drawn to the potential upside for the coin.

We think the most crucial part to focus on is “The price of Wall Street Memes will also be influenced by the level of demand for the token. If there is a high demand for the token, then the price is likely to rise. However, if there is a low demand for the token, then the price is likely to fall.

There are already strong indications from the beginning of the $WSM presale that the demand is high and there are other factors that we will get into now that suggest this demand will only get larger rather than decrease. We think this is why Bard’s prediction could be correct.

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Why Wall Street Memes strong base could prove Bard correct
As we mentioned above the presale of Wall Street Memes ($WSM) is literally only a few days old but has already surpassed $2 million raised. This is likely because of the very strong community Wall Street Memes has cultivated online.

The brand rose to power after 2021 when a group of Reddit investors took on Wall Street by buying in bulk a lot of what was considered failed gamestop stock. By doing so they made international news and even took down one hedge fund.

Since then they have cultivated over 1 million followers across social media and are a hub of discussion for crypto lovers especially on their Twitter account which has over 220,000 followers. Most notabley they are followed by famous youtuber and trader Cameron Fous and popular NFT marketplace Magic Eden. Both of these accounts are very influential and could positively influence the price of $WSM in the future.

The group dipped their toes in the crypto market once already when they sold out their NFT collection back in 2021 in just 32 minutes. If this is a sign of things to come, Bard’s prediction may even be conservative.

Community movement is crucial to a meme coin’s success. Dogecoin (DOGE), Shiba Inu (SHIB), and most recently Pepe Coin (PEPE) all surfed a wave of community investing and pumped massively. The fact Wall Street Memes already has that base behind them means a similar price jump could be on the cards once the CEX listings begin. 

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Dogecoin has long been regarded as the king of meme coins as it is the original and since its inception has been at the top. More and more the price of DOGE has been attached to Elon Musk the billionaire and owner of Twitter. The price tends to pump just when he mentions the coin and it shows the power he has over crypto.

The controversial billionaire only follows slightly less than 350 people on Twitter but he has twice positively interacted with the Wall Street Memes page. Could this mean he has a new favorite crypto? It is very likely and even if he hasn’t said anything about it yet it is worth betting on he will because once he does it will be too late because the coin is sure to pump.

At the moment the presale price of $WSM stands at $0.0262. However, the the next stage price of $0.0265 will begin in less than 3 days and as we mentioned the money is flying in so interested investors should act as soon as possible. The listing price will be $0.0337 so if you purchase now you can still see just under a 23% return on your original investment before the listings even begin.

Visit Wall Street Memes Presale

It really is the year of the meme coin and you can check out some of the best meme coin options to invest in here. However, we think Wall Street Memes may be number one soon. Bard predicting 352% growth is nothing short of amazing but we think the hype is real so it will be very interesting to see how the project develops especially once the CEX listings begin.

Find our price prediction for Wall Street Memes here!

Source : TechReport

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