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Move-to-Earn Crypto, Fight Out (FHGT) will pump 30x faster than Stepn in 2023 – find out why

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Move-to-earn cryptocurrencies are one of the biggest trends coming out of the blockchain domain. These types of tokens typically use GPS or other technology to track a user’s movement and reward tokens. STEPN, which is a move-to-earn app operating on the Solana blockchain, has long held the title of one of the most exciting and rewarding move-to-earn apps in the market. However, that is all set to change with the introduction of Fight Out. 

Fight Out has launched as one of the most exciting move-to-earn projects in recent years. It is here to change the crypto landscape and improve the offerings provided by existing apps and projects, With utilities that seem out of the box, Fight Out leverages web3.0 to create a one-of-a-kind fitness app and gym chain that combines real-life workouts with metaverse technology. Let’s check out the details of the Fight Out project to understand why analysts think it will pump 30x faster than STEPN. 

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Fight Out- Recent Developments
Over the last couple of weeks, Fight out has garnered the attention of many crypto enthusiasts for all the right reasons. The FGHT token, which is the native token of the project, is currently in the 1st stage of its presale. It has currently raised an astounding $3,496,632.33 out of a target of $5,000,000. This is a sign that the token has the highest chance of exploding in 2023 and the years that follow. At the moment, 1 $FGHT=0.01751 USDT. However, investors should hurry up and pick up the coin quickly, as its price is scheduled to increase. 

What is Fight Out? 
Fight Out is a newly introduced M2E cryptocurrency project that focuses on health and fitness. It aims to improve its user’s body shape and overall physical appearance to contribute towards overall health. It offers the freedom to socialize with or battle against friends and members of their community. Each user’s skill, as well as training style, effort, achievement, and other metrics, will play into their ability to win fights and claim hard-fought rewards. 

Entering the Global Health and Fitness Industry 
According to various sources, the total industry revenue is estimated to be $81.5bn in 2023. However, the current apps and projects in this sector all leave a lot to be desired. FightOut aims to upend one of the most lucrative growth industries on the planet with an exciting and ambitious fundraiser and a powerful fitness app. 

In December, FightOut raised over $1 million in its seven-day private sale. The project is on a quest to change the existing dominant web 2.0 structure while addressing the shortcomings of current web 3.0 move-to-earn projects. 

These types of tokens provide users with an incentive to be more active and engage in regular exercise. This can be especially beneficial for those who have trouble staying motivated to exercise regularly. Fight Out has a community of users who can engage with each other and compete in challenges, which can make the experience more social and enjoyable. 

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How does Fight Out leverage Web3?
Existing move-to-earn platforms such as STEPN have already contributed to the spread of using in-app money to reward measurable activity and fitness goals. Fight Out brings qualities with it that outperform M2E in a lot of areas. This is because Fight Out counts more than steps. It extends to tracking all types of physical activity, including in-gym sensors. Additionally, you do not require any costly NFTs to use the platform. 

Fight Out’s M2E is also not restricted to specific fitness objectives. It rewards users for following a holistically healthy lifestyle and not just for walking. The project also provides other cutting-edge strategies which include a soul bound avatar that is linked to our in-app self. Each avatar possesses traits such as strength, muscular conditioning, cardiovascular performance, technique, and others. 

As you use the app more and complete fitness objectives, the avatar will level up based on statistics of your actual workout sessions. The avatar serves as a tool to introduce fitness to a realm of virtually limitless opportunities.

FightOut inspires elite combat athletes and fitness enthusiasts
FightOut targets hundreds of millions of regular people who participate in both formal or informal exercises and fitness regimens. The project has a philosophy that develops fitness regimens specifically for specific sports and activities. It offers several avenues for professional athletes such as boxers to earn and participate. Elite athletes will have the opportunity to motivate non-elite gym patrons. 

Fight Out – The Role of REPS Token
Users earn REPS tokens as they work out, consume in-app fitness content, complete fitness challenges, and do other social acts that contribute to the community. They earn the amount based on specific activity, difficulty level, and duration whether the user is at a Fight Out gym or exercising remotely. 

The REPS token is an in-app, off-chain currency that provides user’s access to Web3. It is used for the majority of in-app spending. Additional REPS can be purchased using the native FGHT token. 

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With the appearance of Fight Out, no one has an excuse not to take care of their health and physical appearance. It allows us to exercise according to our convenience and provides an immersive experience.  Not much time is left till the token’s price increases in the next stage of the presale. Thus, investors should take advantage of this opportunity and get hold of FGHT tokens at the earliest. 

Source : TechReport

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