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Startup building ‘biowearables’ for chronic kidney disease nets €2.3M

by News7

Paris-based Metyos has raised €2.3mn in pre-seed funding to improve the lives and health outcomes of chronic kidney disease patients with its biowearable technology.

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) affects 10% of the population and is the third fastest-growing cause of death worldwide. It’s also associated with a heavy financial impact on healthcare, with its treatment costing the EU €140bn per year.

To fight the disease, Metyos has developed a biowearable sensor in the form of a patch, which provides real-time readings on biomarkers related to CKD.

The readings are fed into the startup’s disease management platform, which doctors can use to monitor a patient’s kidney function. This includes tracking the impact of medication and diet and observing warning signs of symptoms such as renal failure or hyperkalemia (the abnormal increase of potassium levels).

Source : The Next Web

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