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GameSquare reveals Moonlight Studios

by News7
GameSquare reveals Moonlight Studios

Kyle Rapozo will oversee the studio, as it aims to build Metaverse brand experiences

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Entertainment and tech firm GameSquare has unveiled Moonlight Studios.

The developer was in stealth for six months, focusing on developing brand experiences within metaverses such as Fortnite, Roblox, and Grand Theft Auto.

Moonlight uses the resources of creative agency Zoned, a GameSquare subsidiary. The marketing firm’s clients included Amazon and Epic Games.

Meanwhile, Kyle “Kazify/Kaz” Rapozo has been appointed Moonlight’s head of studio.

“We can also move much faster and be more nimble than most major game studios in the creative and development process. Our flexibility allows us to keep our experiences fresh and continue to earn new plays weeks and months after release,” said Rapozo.

Since its inception, Moonlight has generated $3.5 million in revenue.

Source : Game Industry

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