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PUBG Fantasy for PGC expands to ThriveFantasy with GRID & KRAFTON

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Esports data provider GRID and PUBG developer KRAFTON are teaming up on a ThriveFantasy PUBG fantasy project. The platform will offer fantasy betting on upcoming PUBG tournaments, like the PUBG Global Championhip tournament that’s starting this week.

“In order to introduce PUBG Esports to a wider audience and give them the best possible entertainment experience, we must consistently find innovative ways to engage new and existing fans.” – Everett Coleman, Director of Esports & Events at KRAFTON.

The aim is to combine the insight of the game’s developer KRAFTON, with GRID’s in-depth approach to statistics. This should make for a seamless platform for fantasy PUBG betting.

ThriveFantasy PUBG Fantasy

With the ThriveFantasy PUBG platform that’s launching, players will be able to get into fantasy betting for the Battle Royale. The main way of playing is going to be by creating fantasy rosters. Players combine player props and predict the results of matches.

The platform is going to be exclusive to North America. It’s one of the first expansions for PUBG fantasy betting there. Although, ThriveFantasy already has some decent offerings. They cover traditional games like NBA, NFL, and MLB, but also esports titles like Valorant, LoL, and CS:GO.

ThriveFantasy mainly has players select individual players. They build their own roster of players and get points for their performance, or for accurately predicting the outcome of a match. Getting guesses right will award points. You can exchanged the points for actual money. This is both for predicting the outcome of matches, and for choosing players who perform well in rounds.

The platform being launched will work a bit differently since PUBG is a Battle Royale. This can complicate all sorts of esports beting, with it being tricky to pick who will win out of 100 players. However, working with GRID and KRAFTON, it seems like there’s a good compromise system here. Players will pick 10 line-ups for each game in tournaments like the PUBG Global Champions Tournament. The performance over the matches decides how many points are awarded. This will be based off of GRID, a statistics company providing the data for this program.

GRID and KRAFTON working on Fantasy Betting

GRID will be providing the statistics for the ThriveFantasy Esports betting platform. They offer data for numerous esports organizations. Joining in on an upcoming platform should help to ensure players get the best and quickest access to data on PUBG events. GRID’s data helps to deliver near-instant updates for stats and data as games are in process. PUBG can be a complex game, this partnership will help bettors stay on top of how the game is developing along with their bets.

Previously, Twire.gg was used as a platform for all things Fantsy PUBG during both PCS6 and PCS7.

PUBG Fantasy was happening on Twire.gg during PCS7

Fantasy Esports are a growing part of the esports betting market. They are particularly popular in North America. This is where this platform is being launched. The ThriveFantasy esports platform looks set to be one of the most exciting sides of betting on the game. Especially with the actual developer behind the tournament on board.

Source : Esports.net

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