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Low-GI Diet Mirrors Benefits of Fiber and Whole Grain Boost

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TOPLINE:A diet with a low glycemic index (GI) had similar protective effects against diabetes and other chronic diseases as a diet high in fiber and whole grains.

METHODOLOGY:A 2019 Lancet report from the World Health Organization promoted fiber and whole grains to manage type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer but rejected GI as a relevant dietary factor to prevent chronic diseases.This meta-analysis assessed the evidence of how GI and glycemic load are associated with four main outcomes and did the same for diets high in fiber and whole grain.Researchers identified 10 large prospective cohort studies (each including ≥ 100,000 participants) that assessed associations of GI, glycemic load, and fiber and whole grains with the outcomes of interest.The mean age was 56 years, and the mean follow-up duration was 12.6 years.The primary outcomes were incidence of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and its components, diabetes-related cancers, and all-cause mortality.TAKEAWAY:Compared with low-GI diets, high-GI diets were associated with an increased risk for:Type 2 diabetes (relative risk [RR], 1.27; P <.0001 a="" absence="" advocacy="" all="" an="" analyses="" and="" as="" associated="" association="" authors="" banting="" because="" being="" best="" beverage="" by="" canada="" cancers="" cardiovascular="" chronic="" cohorts="" combination="" commented.="" compare="" david="" declared="" department="" diabetes="" diet="" diet.in="" dietary="" difference="" disclosures:this="" disease="" diseases="" effects="" endocrinology.="" evaluation="" exposure.="" faculty="" fiber="" findings="" food="" foods="" for="" foundation.="" foundations="" four="" from="" funded="" furthermore="" gi="" glycemic="" government="" grains="" grants="" groups="" growers="" had="" have="" having="" high="" honoraria="" in="" incident="" included="" increased="" j.a.="" jenkins="" justify="" karuna="" lack="" lancet="" led="" limitations:the="" limited="" load="" load.a="" low="" low-gi="" manufacturers="" may="" md="" medicine="" moreover="" mortality="" most="" nutritional="" observed="" of="" one="" online="" only="" only.foods="" ontario="" or="" organizations="" other="" outcomes="" outcomes.="" p="" paucity="" payments="" positive="" practice:="" processors="" professional="" published="" receiving="" recommendations="" reduce="" reduced="" related="" reported="" research="" risk="" robustness="" rr.="" sciences="" significant="" similar="" small="" societies="" some="" source:this="" sources.="" statistically="" studies="" study="" support="" temerty="" than="" that="" the="" ties="" to="" toronto="" total="" travel="" two="" type="" university="" was="" well="" were="" whole="" wholegrain="" with="" women="">
Source : Medscape

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