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The 2024 Men’s Health Fitness Awards

by News7

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THE IDEAL gym experience has always been pretty simple: It’s whatever works for you and your lifestyle, because that’s what will keep you coming back to sweat and lift heavy things day after day after day.

For some people, that means building a gym in their garage (or basement or backyard barn). For others, that means donning their favorite apparel and heading to the gym down the block. No matter what your fitness flavor, though, we’ve got you covered in our 2024 Fitness Awards, which are overflowing with home gym goodness but still include the perfect gear to take with you when you train away from home, too.

Check out the list, and let the gains begin!


Most Durable Adjustable Dumbbell

Hammer Strength Pro 100 Adjustable DumbbellsNow 15% Off

This collaboration between Hammer Strength and adjustable dumbbells veteran PowerBlocks goes up to 100 pounds and is tough enough to be dropped (although doing so does void your warranty).

Most Natural Dumbbell

The Nüobell manages to feel almost exactly like a classic dumbbell in your hand, making it perfect for biceps curls, triceps skullcrushers, and most dumbbell exercises.

Best Weight Bench

Prime Fitness Adjustable BenchWith a host of adjustable back pad positions between 5 and 85 degrees, a decline attachment, and gym-level stability, you have a home bench that rivals anything you’ve seen in your local big box.

Best Dumbbell Accessory

Micro Gainz Fractional Weight PlateThis easy-to-use dumbbell attachment lets you up your weights in manageable increments. Perfect for those workouts (and exercises) where a five-pound jump is just too much.

Best Kettlebell

Onnit’s unique spin on the kettlebell still delivers the balance you need for a good swing while adding visual flair: Each bell looks like a primate head.

Best Half Rack

Hammer Strength HD Athletic NX Half RackThe Cadillac of half racks, this commercial-grade rack is built to grow with you, with super-sturdy construction and optional additions, like jammer arms and a split-squat roller.

Best Barbell Innovation

Barbell collars are a thing of the past with the Allrounder, which includes a built-in slide-locking system that automatically keeps your plates in place during any move.

Best Beginner Rower

Aviron Strong GO RowerNow 25% Off

Aviron’s latest rower is as user-friendly as they come, with an iPad dock (for checking out Aviron app workouts or catching up on Netflix while training) and a whisper-quiet nylon belt.

Best Gym Earbuds

The finest workout earbuds out there, Beats’ Fit Pros stay secure in your ear in all situations, while delivering solid and detailed all-around sound, too.

Best Bodyweight Training Tool

Lebert EQualizer Total Body Strengthener XL A durable bar that allows you to do a variety of bodyweight exercises both basic (inverted rows) and advanced (L-sit pullups).

Best Budget Cable Machine

Centr 2 Home Gym Functional TrainerNow 15% Off

An ultra-slim cable machine that can fit into the corner of any home gym, setting you up for exercises like pullups, cable curls, and cable chest flies.

Most Unique Barbell

Meet the sleek-looking bar specially built for biceps curls, with a wrist-friendly camber that also permits more range of motion on your curl.

Best Specialty Barbell

Kabuki Strength Kadillac Bar A cambered, neutral-grip barbell that features three different grip positions so you can comfortably challenge chest, triceps, and shoulders (and more!).

Best Specialty Bench

Freak Athlete Essentials Nordic HyperNow 30% Off

A Nordic bench, reverse hyper, and back extension all rolled into one, this machine gives you multiple options to blast your hamstrings and glutes.

Best Connected Rower

Therabody Theragun Pro PlusThis cutting-edge massage gun provides not only percussive therapy but also hot and cold settings and LED light therapy as options for post-workout recovery bliss.

Most Forward-Thinking Recovery Tool

You’ve seen contrast therapy (alternating between hot and cold treatments) before—but never in a package this small and shoulder-friendly.

Best Recovery Shoes

Kane Revive, College EditionKane’s recovery shoe gets a style boost in 2024, thanks to partnerships with a host of major colleges, including Florida State, USC, and Clemson.

Best Cold Weather Running Jacket

Gore R5 Gore-Tex Infinium Insulated JacketGore’s new R5 jacket eliminates the need for a midlayer yet manages to stay light at 8.8 ounces and is made of a new windproof, water-repellant fabric.

Best Joggers

Fabletics The Go-To JoggerA soft, warm jogger that fits perfectly whether you’re going for a light run, a weight room session, or an easy evening walk.

Best Training Tank

This breathable performance training tank has wide armholes (essential for snatches and overhead presses) and a relaxed fit that works whether you’re running or lifting.

Best Short-Sleeve Training Shirt

The fifth edition of Nike’s jack-of-all-trades trainer delivers the flexibility you need for box jumps and skater hops and just enough stability for basic lifts.

Best Lifting Shoes

This pair of lifters boasts a 21-millimeter heel-to-toe drop, plenty of heel support, and (the best part!) a large toe box so your feet never feel cramped.

Best Trail Shoe

Nike G.T. Cut 2Now 15% Off

A low-cut basketball shoe that’s built for slashers and defenders, allowing you to change direction, leap, and start and stop on a dime.

Best Sunglasses

Roka’s latest effort blends a sleek aesthetic with head-friendly tech, highlighted by the Geko grips, which keep these securely on your face no matter what.

Best Gravel E-Bike

Cervélo Rouvida GRX RX 610The North American brand that made the road bikes for Tour de France–winning Team Jumbo-Visma drops a gravel e-bike with an aerodynamic carbon-fiber frame and a 432wH battery for a longer, faster ride.

Best Swimming Accessory

Two small sensors attach to your palms to supply detailed information about everything from your stroke path to your hand velocity. A swim geek’s dream.

Ebenezer Samuel, C.S.C.S.

Ebenezer Samuel, C.S.C.S., is the fitness director of Men’s Health and a certified trainer with more than 10 years of training experience. He’s logged training time with NFL athletes and track athletes and his current training regimen includes weight training, HIIT conditioning, and yoga. Before joining Men’s Health in 2017, he served as a sports columnist and tech columnist for the New York Daily News.  

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