Home News South Africa: Six People Arrested in Connection with AKA Murder

South Africa: Six People Arrested in Connection with AKA Murder

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South Africa: Six People Arrested in Connection with AKA Murder

Police Minister Urges Judges to Deny Bail to Dangerous Suspects

Police Minister Bheki Cele has urged the judiciary to exercise caution in granting bail to suspected criminals, saying that it should not be given out like “hot scones,” reports IOL. Speaking at a conference on the integrated criminal justice system, Cele expressed concerns about the release of accused individuals and potentially dangerous criminals on bail, adding the need for collaboration between the police and the judiciary to protect society. He highlighted instances where lawyers and rogue prosecutors work together to secure bail for accused individuals. Cele also noted the challenges faced by the police in arresting individuals, citing pressure to apprehend specific individuals. The conference, attended by Deputy President Paul Mashatile and other government officials, addresses the need to strengthen the criminal justice system to enhance public safety and address declining confidence in the system.

Heritage Foundation Sounds Alarm Over Neglected Mandela & Tambo Law Offices

The Johannesburg Heritage Foundation alleges being “ghosted” by the city regarding concerns over the neglected state of Chancellor House, former law offices of Nelson Mandela and O.R. Tambo, reports News24. The foundation expressed worry about the lack of communication from the Johannesburg Development Agency (JDA), which owns the building. In an open letter, the foundation highlighted the building’s vacancy since its restoration in 2011, the growing presence of homeless people around it, and the potential risk of break-ins. The JDA responded to media queries, assuring commitment to protect the building, with plans to expedite its use as office space. The Heritage Foundation says that the JDA’s failure to find a tenant for over a decade and fears decay without productive use. City officials stated their commitment to securing the property, enhancing security, and repurposing it for office use while respecting its historical significance. Chancellor House, a provincial heritage site, holds historical importance as the law office where Mandela and Tambo challenged apartheid laws.

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