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Chiefs at Bills will be Patrick Mahomes’ first ever road playoff game

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There’s no need for Chiefs-Bills to have any more drama. Two of the AFC’s best are meeting in the playoffs once more, with another classic looming on the horizon. This one is a little more special though, because it also marks the first time Patrick Mahomes has ever needed to play on the road in the playoffs.

Yes, you read that right. Despite competing in 15 playoffs games, Mahomes has never needed to be on the road. That changes with their trip to Buffalo. If we look at the makeup of those playoffs runs we see how different those teams are, and why this could be the time the Chiefs get bested.

2018: Chiefs finish 12-4 with No. 1 scoring offense. Lose in AFC Championship at home to the Patriots
2019: Chiefs finish 12-4 with No. 5 scoring offense. Win Super Bowl
2020: Chiefs finish 14-2 with the No. 6 scoring offense. Lose Super Bowl to the Buccaneers
2021: Chiefs finish 12-5 with the No. 4 scoring offense. Lose to the Bengals at home in the AFC Championship
2022: Chiefs finish 14-3 with the No. 1 scoring offense. Win Super Bowl

This year? The Chiefs went 11-6. They have the No. 15 scoring offense. This is the third season since Kansas City entered the playoffs in the Patrick Mahomes era where the Bills finished higher in scoring offense.

The biggest wrinkle in these playoffs? This is the first time the Chiefs defense has been better than the Bills. This season the Chiefs have the No. 2 ranked defense in scoring against, while also finishing higher than the Bills in passing and rushing yards allowed.

The gulf comes down to the offenses, and all signs currently point to the Bills having Kansas City’s number.

Remember all this when these teams meet in Buffalo in the NFL Divisional Playoffs, because we could witness both the Bills getting this monkey off their back, and also Mahomes losing his first road playoff game.

Source : SBNation

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