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Hafthar Bjornson Confesses Addiction to Remain the Strongest Man on the Planet Pushed Him Into Depression: “Pushed Myself to the Limits”

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Hafthor Bjornsson is considered one of the most elite strongmen of the present day. After winning his title of World’s Strongest Man, Bjornsson also went ahead to break several world records as well as shifting through different sports fields. The strongman, who famously played the role of Ser Gregor ‘The Mountain’ Clegane in the series ‘Game of Thrones’, had also made the record of lifting 302 lbs for a Natural Stone overhead press. However, three years ago he went on a break and he is finally coming out, stronger than ever. And through a recent video, he explains how being a strongman can be addictive.

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Being the world’s strongest man is addictiveBjornsson stated that it felt extremely powerful to have the title of being the strongest man on earth. He also emphasized how this feeling was so overwhelming that it can also get addictive. He said, “It’s such a powerful feeling, it’s hard to describe to people but when you are the strongest man in the world, it feels incredible. When you’re stronger than any other human on the planet, is a feeling that’s very addictive and it’s hard to let go.”


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However, one cannot achieve it that easily. Bjornsson reflected on how he had to go through pangs of depression for over a decade. Not only that, but he had also pushed his limits to reach the maxim. He said, “I had put my body through a lot, a lot. Pushed myself to the limits for so many years, and basically, a whole decade I went into depression. I have to be honest.”

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In the process, Strongman also revealed why he went ahead to show up at a different athletic field, professionally.


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Why did Bjornsson start boxing?The Icelandic strongman said that he wanted something new to his career. He confessed, “The reason why I think I went into boxing was just because I needed something new. You know that you can feel things that’s a blessing because the moment you stop feeling things then you’re dead and you don’t want to be that.”

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Bjornsson knows his capacities and capabilities and that is one of the major reasons why he could excel in every point of his career. Now that he is out of his break, his fans have built up high expectations from the former World’s Strongest Man. What are you excited for about Bjornsson’s latest reentry as a strongman?

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