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Uncle Howdy’s Wyatt 6 Gesture to Late Luke Harper Goes Viral After Raw Debut

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Uncle Howdy has officially kick-started the ‘massacre’ that WWE has been teasing so far through QR codes and the Archive Recovered pages. Although the storyline that they will follow is still a mystery, their entry was as impactful as ever. On Monday Night Raw 06/17, fans saw the Wyatt 6 officially return to the Stamford-based company, bringing the scary and creepy vibe back. Not only was the Wyatt 6 return exciting for fans to witness, but it was more detailed than what the viewers must have noticed in the beginning.

During the massacre scene on Raw when the five members of the Wyatt 6 were revealed, Erick Rowan‘s character had an interesting story behind him. When he was standing with his back facing the camera, viewers could see Luke Harper‘s old mask stuck to the back of his vest as a tribute to their time as The Bludgeon Brothers. Moreover, Rowan’s character last night wore a worn-out bunny mask, which could also be a callback to the Ramblin Rabbit who was smashed by Bray Wyatt in one of his creations.


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The thing that hooked most of the fans was the hammer that Rowan was holding at the time. It was a big sledgehammer with “help” written on the head of the tool. This was yet another throwback to the time when he used to work with Harper as a tag team. Fans were also sensitive to this detail.

WWE Universe gets emotional over Uncle Howdy’s return segment detailAlthough the entire segment was memorable, this one emotional detail was interesting to several wrestling fans when they finally noticed it online. Many social media users noticed it quickly and took to their X account to write a thoughtful RIP to the late wrestler. This was a big moment for Rowan to pay tribute to his old friend and thus many veteran WWE watchers felt emotional thinking about the time the two friends were together.

Both Bray and Brodie would be so happy to witness this. May they Rest in Peace. ❤️

— Boo (@babiddyb00) June 18, 2024

Someone mentioned both the late wrestlers of the Wyatt Family, saying that they must be very proud seeing this wherever they are. The pride of the late talents is imminent as we can see that fans are already loving what WWE was able to do with Bray Wyatt’s legacy.

For some viewers, this moment was way more personal than what others would expect. Many fans were attached to the Bludgeon Brothers and seeing Rowan back in the game with a hint of his late partner sparked something warm inside them.

I am so happy he gets to be in this, tonight has got to be an emotional one for him🩵.

— comfortably◇numb (@Lydia_Kaii) June 18, 2024


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Yet another claim is that this must be an emotional moment for Erick Rowan to be back in the same arena where he used to be with his former partner while giving him a tribute during his big return.

Love that nod to his memory

— jeremy bay (@jeremybay) June 18, 2024


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Sometimes memories are all that we are left with when a person passes away. So, it is wholesome to see them cherish such things through a subtle nod that fans would understand and appreciate while also making it special for the late wrestler’s family and friends.

What do you think of the Wyatt 6 return segment? Who do you think will be Uncle Howdy’s next target? Drop your views in the comments below.

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